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Sounds of Summer, it's not an apple music playlist Just a rapper dude that's failing, trying to stack the tools for payment Stupid paper.. I'm mad at it, like the neighbor kids Out making noise past midnight, You know how late it is? I'll be up for a few hours, it's the principle.. Your mischief ain't some shit I'm trying to listen to When is the school year start? Teachers, bless their heart.. one things for sure.. I'd be out like Earhart, Amelia Familiar references, pepper some in. That's the formula It's not exactly rocket surgery or brain science but it remains highest priority to me.. probably why I define abnormal to a T I keep this city weirder than a bumper sticker.. and the voices that I hear enough to get prescription written, sick Hit that rite-aid right away.. The World keeps letting us down, we think we detectives now.. Don't need to be Sherlock to know that we for sure fucked. Police catching bodies.. look how many they dash cams caught. Black Lives Matter.. wouldn't know by routine traffic stops. I just want us to be free.. I just want to end this spree of senseless death, not spend my bread supporting these death industries.. BEEF will be our downfall, I ain't screaming it at town hall, Passing leaflets out to shoppers at downtown malls, I ain't trying to be around yall.. shame on me Hoping that this outlet will suffice when, except for my lifestyle, I can't change a thing Cuz what's an example with no leadership qualities? Now's the time to take a stand or give a sheepish apology. I want to, but can't bring myself to preach ideology.. You my fellow man, we equally trying to eat. I wish you success, but urge you to respect life in all forms. There I go again, with that self righteous performance. Went from not giving a fuck, sitting at the glutton buffet, stuffing my face, two of everything.. Noah's ark on a plate Beer dark as cave, bong tall as a grave.. pack of cigs to lay the tar like I'm paving road ways.. but nowadays, it's a bit different.. clean living.. feel me? Bombs Would it mean that we less free If the sun set and we don't let it ring If it don't trigger PTSD, Are we failing America? Cuz last year I wasn't celebrating Heard Someone down the street lit up in the daylight, right next to the park full of children playing Heard that pop pop, knew it wasn't bottle rockets.. Or ground blooms-- he was on the ground doomed.. Bus rolled up and found him, neighbor ran up to him, knew he was fading tried her best to comfort him.. In the midst of an all too active summer.. lost another.. Would it mean that we less free If the sun set and we don't let it ring If it don't trigger PTSD, Are we failing America? We'll See if they checking for me.. Ah Fuck that just cut the check.. anything less is reckless, anything more is accepted that's word, you ain't password protected, so if I swipe right with this blade it goes in and you exit, my ink game is inkjet, it's.. fly as eject, or egrets. You trying to get rid of a product that's defective.. I'm off the grid, you can holler at Drect Can't direct me, I left the scene.. I'm where you can't access by street, working on my next ex machina obsessively What you're hearing now's the current version, 3.0 Still a prototype, like that jam by Big Boi's bro.. hold up.. gotta strip it down like an instagram thirst trap I'm not on snapchat, I think I'm too married.. Don't know if I'm allowed that.. These rappers claim they faithful to the game, but they got their Ashley Madison accounts hacked.. It's cool you'll bounce back You wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man.. Doing too much is just what you do man.. I Keep It Simple Stupid, IQ for the ink quill.. Waiting for my phone to do like Drake to Meek Mill
Anditbuilds 03:08
Turn this up nice and loud, I'mma turn this upside down, Wool see. Collectively, respect my themes My abc, your Xyz.. I'm excited.. What it don't sound like it? Nah I'm just saving my energy It's been a Hot summer.. I'm moving like a dang sloth Pale arms hanging out my tank top And I hit the bank often To Deposit a lot of really small checks.. Rappers all flex.. But This got em running like Faucets.. Yeah they False with it.. Claiming they boss. But that ain't possible if they don't understand the labor involved.. This is a labor of love it's true, It's still draining me of my youth.. No breaks until my next break thru.. And it builds and it builds and it builds repeat until it loses all meaning I don't know why, (I'm like a) coal miner, should be focused a renewable source, but us humans are morons.. No oxy needed, we still got addictions.. Posturepedic, upright walking contradictions.. Fog the vision, This smog we hitting, live long and prosper, shit Spock is fiction.. I'mma cash out.. and close my tab before the taps out.. I mean tap water after we suffer mass drought.. You seen idiocracy? The way they think electrolytes are all the crops will need.. Probably not far off, I bet someday it's all nestle flavored.. We should resist it maybe, but we too busy baiting.. Go away Leave me be.. Let the Screen burn my eyes out.. This convenience is a lifestyle.. I don't need paper to write now, no disc no tape no vinyl.. Someday I won't even need myself.. I laid the foundation 2014.. Drew the blueprint the year prior.. Before that, it was classes for the bachelors degree.. Though I'm still a student, I'm out here building my trump tower Third floor in under a year.. My fourth coming 4th quarter, said it so I have to deliver.. Each story's a chapter I've written.. In this novel I..dea brought to life via.. Vision no compromise This is regular, set your watch to it Know I'll show up with something to say, Jon Stewart.. Will be missed. We need more voices guilting pigs, that's filthy rich Police are just the storm troopers There's Sith lords keeping the wars moving.. Greedy hands in the collection plate Perverted priests trying to molest your babes GOP tryIng kill estate tax and section 8, Ask me, we got the wrong pigs in the gestation crates
Just a little something, I just want a lil something... Just a tiny dab.. Too much is kinda bad.. Sweating like Trinidad off the molly, No I don't want no Molly, did enough of that in my past life.. Lived the Fast life now I want to slow the pace, Trying stick it out like an anorexic's shoulder blades.. Fallen Angel wings.. Victoria's got a secret.. She ain't ate in weeks I'm out here with a full plate.. You can't handle discourse, need a doggy bag. Need to co-pay for this doctor visit.. Cuz when I operate, it's not with tweezers.. Smooth as Sade in an earthquake, Going through alcohol withdrawal, Michael J. If you go under my knife, might never again see the light of day.. By the way.. Welcome.. To the end You're welcome.. You always been Take a seat friend, tuck yourself in You Ain't got nothing left to do Nothing left to prove Get the rest that you deserve Rest assured, There ain't no sleep better than the sleep that you sleeping now (forever)
Xceler 03:51
Let it sink in.. Flow deep like it was sinking, renovate your kitchen, I put the sink in.. Find what you seeking.. Got on my Secret Skin, frequencies need tweaking.. Some tools help you see them but only my ears can read them So I stay overthinking, it presents some head scratchers, \ I teeter on the line between success and disaster.. Bad words for the adverse, in whichever way the path curves.. I know the only thing that's sure.. Is the end comes last but first, there's hazards.. (watch out) Beauty in the absurd, uncontrollable laughter.. As we contemplate what's after This present tense we barely occupy.. Hence these eyes like hemp seed - underutilized We don't know what we facing.. Seems so audacious.. I'mma walk 20 paces.. Turn, draw & aim swift (bang) But I can't go back to basics.. Can't go back to basic, that's never what it was. Can't go back to basics.. Can't go back to basic, that's never what it was. I stay high.. Head in the heavens or cosmos Whatever you call those. Stars glow.. it's no red carpet scene, no paparazzi, just flashes of genius through the vastness between us - Space bubble.. Don't violate terms of agreement, I space shuttle Columbia any challenger, who want it huh, it's coming up - hot plate of jet fuel, kickin like a mule Spicy.. But the burn so enticing, mango habanero, you return for the bites til you ignite something.. Like me with these dumb tracks, is moth to bug zapper.. I guess the ends what I was after.. All along. Why I fixate on the finish? Cuz I never started nothing, I mean this was always on.. Took some pioneering foot steps, yes But this the West, Where there's as many ways to die as Seth says, Never the less.. I stay running towards Every uncertainty with the urgency of a Hearse, I mean.. What I really need to rush for? Stoned, Rushmore, but much less important.. Can't go Back to change it.. Like Back to grade six, before the fucking up Change my path to straight and.. narrow Maybe then I'd have a chance to make it rain in the clubs (measure of greatness) Age 12, my post golden age self tuned in, it's been gospel ever since.. I like to think I stay well above the average brain cells but still have moments where this shit don't make no sense but I can't go back to basics.. Why would I want to though? My teachers all pushed the envelope, to see how far it'd go.. And took they message around the globe before email made that economical.. Learned the foundation.. Studied what was new and what was ancient. Might be what I am to today's kids.. (thirty plus) But I don't write off the youth.. even if it ain't relatable, What they write is their truth, sometimes a shame to know.. But I feel it's necessary, though the freshness varies.. Most rappers still on the same steez, I'm impressed it carries All the extra weight, I'll educate on how to evenly distribute: Find your own so they know easily it is you.. And not like the 19th member of Migos..
Tomorrowland 04:35
Corny rock lick.. What I upload to the cloud, sound slicker than slime Nickelodeon child.. Now the Music oozes. Projectile, when abusing boozes, Used to go hard with the drank, Drake on his worst behavior But I ain't been, since 2010 kept it clean like an apron.. Never was it tapering.. either it was fully off or fully on Now I'm on the wagon.. Oregon trailing still blazing, exercising my new freedom before the weigh in.. Biggest loser on the scale facing Elimination.. ill fated. Still I.. keep it moving effortlessly like downhill skating.. Plotting an end game sinister as al quaeda or quida, I kinda kill it, that's all I'm saying.. Suppose it's open for debate, but I won't be persuaded. You can participate.. Or look at me with blank stares.. Hard to fathom greatness when it arguably ain't there.. But I'd argue it ain't fair, some people possess it, right now one of 'em is waving it in your face and You're not sure if you believe him but just to be safe.. You should probably give him all you're holding in currency.. Accept what he hands you in return and go cherish it.. then write your will to ensure your favorite person inherits it.. Do you see it now? Wool See is now.. Wool See is now.. What about tomorrow? Wool See I bring the ruckus, Uninvited to you ask Richard Dreyfus what you biters do? Yall not jaws though.. You little carp with no teeth, circling my feet.. It's weak. I hand craft this ass kicking Portland my city so it's artisinal, I'm not that bully out teasing though.. I punish mics and fight for the decent folks Reach the soul Uplift, spit a thousand gallons so the seeds will grow.. Reap what's sown. I'm committed like rings would show.. Committed like Mac McMurphy, These rappers Nurse Ratched serving that mind number. Trying to lobotomize your boy.. But I never bought they lies before, And I don't plan on it anytime soon, but if you see me pulling something out the billfold.. Then please, when I'm asleep, smother me with a pillow Do you see it now? Wool See is now.. Wool See is now.. What about tomorrow? Wool See - Sooner or later, But I ain't waiting around This band sucks but the singers so handsome..
Some light pen work, I import my imperfect waves into the grid lock, then embark.. No lifeguard On duty.. this unsupervised surf. You don't want to end up with the divers.. You ain't equipped. What I got - some oxygen in the tank.. What you got? some cough syrup and dank. You not about that deep life, you bout that sweet life, half asleep like, meanwhile I'm having trouble catching ZZZs like they greased up.. Who needs um? I'm deprived but my dreams wild.. Either that or just mundane like listening to beats writing.. Or mixing tracks Wake up like "what kinda shit is that?" Don't take your work home, I work from home and take my work to bed My works in head, I can't escape this.. Release some projects, hit some stages.. But It's never enough.. I never feel done.. I'm running up a down escalator, Complex to Fader, I'm pressing major, God bless the haters that's just a fable There's trolls and regular folks with opinions and influence that sways 'em And I know.. This might never have a million dollars behind it (dollars behind it) I might never have a million followers blinded (following blindly) Even if I did wouldn't let all that define me.. (all that define me) If you with it cool but I'd do it anyways I'm not sure why, but if it's worth your time, many thanks I'm not saying I don't want you to accept it.. I just don't expect it Yo when I say hands up, you say why? Hands up! Why? Hands up! Why? Why? Because.. I told you to do it.. Just respect your dope emcees and love me til the end of time! And I know.. This might never have a million dollars behind it (dollars behind it) I might never have a million followers blinded (following blindly) Even if I did wouldn't let all that define me.. (all that define me) If you with it cool but I'd do it anyways I'm not sure why, but if it's worth your time, many thanks
Had To 02:55
I had to write this for Zeb who said he don't like new rap no more And for those bloggers picking on that new Macklemore See I ain't homies with him but I hope he helps my homie XP blow.. Is fame placebo? Cuz you can be famous but still no one really knows you.. We all so isolated, still in sync tho.. Like my Bluetooth speaker, it's not Beats though.. Sorry I ain't copping Dre, but what's popping with Compton mane.. I had to write this the day before something new from the Doc? that's cray 16 bumping 2001 in my Ranger (Ford).. Wasn't much but I had that job after school and I saved up for the sub.. And I was loving it.. Installed at the Circuit City I believe Back when Circuit Cities were a thing.. Yeah it was just me & my Visine and my high, and my Low End theorizing on the whys and hows Forgive me I had to No alibi I had to No excuse I had to had to I'm guilty of the crime Only God can judge me But man will try I had to write this for Smoke M2D6 with a kid on the way, and all my friends who've already populated.. I heard it takes a village to raise them, and look - I'm all the way out here in the sticks (I can't babysit) I had to write this for my wife and cat.. we don't make all the decisions, are we alright with that? For every conversation we've had. Here's to many more.. We might never have this figured out, but I'm certain I adore you. I had to write this for Katith - Kate Margaret Brooke, You took my heart but not my name and I'm okay with that Cuz really nothing matters except the time I'm with you.. I mean you always been the mistress my first love was pursuit.. Of something unattainable.. You help me remain a whole Hearted individual. There's nothing I could say that would Express appreciation on the level that I feel it in my core.. I had to write this to try, even though I know it fell short Forgive me I had to No alibi I had to No excuse I had to had to I'm guilty of the crime Only God can judge me But man will try I'm just gonna keep going.. I could stop But what's a rampage with reasonable thought.. and good sense?
Rappel 01:51
I watched the Shell No protest against the Fennica For those who need background, I'll give to ya.. Greenpeace activists rappelled off the St. John's bridge, in a measure preventative.. With yellow and red streamers, it was a beautiful site, Beautiful struggle.. A salute-able fight.. In my opinion - keep yours They sending that boat to the arctic to drill.. Do you need more? Look, I'm no environmental expert, but I don't feel its necessarily a knee-jerk reaction to think that's probably not the best for the health of this rock but point me to your research. Better yet .. point me to the next earth.. Cuz I'm trying to submit my application real quick Look, I get cynicism, it's my worst addiction. What I don't get is criticism When someone risks their life just to fight what we all agree is bad.. But like a fiend, some saying they need it bad So the demand got the supply swole, octopus eye full you ain't seeing that.. Need to act. Yea I know I'm seeing that need to ink it, it's primal.. That's not as much of a stand as it is a cry from Fetal position, defense of the infantile Uh, The devils the plug we buy from.. We drunk in love and we buzzing off of this high from him The real buzzers and tons of others keep dying from him He do our brothers and sister like insects driving, For long stretches of highway, the bodies pile up.. We clean the windshield and try to hide from the problem.. Until collision, now that's the glass that we fly thru.. And thus our moment of truth is dead on arrival
This fire, Lit long ago, is even more lit now.. Wool See Lithgow.. That mean my third rocking, you should get down, Gwyneth Paltrow.. I stay with that iron (not really) just thought that's a good battle rap line My bars are mean.. I love cats like Carter Deems.. Rip apart your dreams.. I'd rather it be carpentry.. But yall chose this adventure instead, one that injures the head.. One that breaks the heart, one that kills the soul that's your prerogative. I advised against it, but you don't listen tho You ain't in the position to be turning down life advice, You on some fisher price.. You in some shitty diapers, I got on slacks, that's grown man pants - I'm so advanced You don't stand a chance.. My approach is, delicate like a chef with a poached egg I respect each body of art from the gross head.. wound to the toe tag I put you in your own bag.. I'm so gracious, you know that I get no thanks, but it's all love.. I'm in the woods with some pieces of you sawed up.. like I pine over you.. x4 I pine over you (in the purest nature) I pine over you (yea.. Yea) I pine over you in the purest nature I pine over how to cut you down - it's deforestation
The Cauldron 03:48
Shed - til it's indecent, I'm just trying to give you heat to match the season, Check my recent.. Start at Winter Worn, then Homie Garden - that's my spring cleaning. Now I'm back for more layers to remove, prayers for you dudes.. that can't keep up, hit that treadmill.. Incline it just a lil' But yall on them dumb bells, and those dead lifts.. I've been training smarter on my live shit, Sharpened blade, make your head split Not a migraine.. I mean literal slice Like what I tables just knives Low calories, but it looks like a Mortal Kombat X fatality.. Press play now and see, gallows scene That's nothing, when I get that Abrams budget I'll take you out this galaxy to one that's far far away, Show you death by light saber, I'm saying the force awakened, why you sleeping today? This is that heat for you all That's got you sweating, got you shedding Got you weak and exhausted. Don't matter if your whip got a/c If wool see get that aux chord, I'll turn that ish into a drop top for ya It's nothing.. But a burn hole In your seat, underneaths a sweltering inferno And I been to hell and back for this My passion is scalding (hot) This where the magic mix - the cauldron I cast my spell so they well aware of, Who I am.. and say my name with no interrogation, no third degree, no Aloe Vera No medication, just feel it, no help healing.. Bonus points if you bare a Smile in the face of pain, this is just basic training.. Advanced will have you withstanding chemical agent rain.. Get on my level, I'm David Blaine with the strength of Bane, no any rapper would say that, I'm David Spade on the campaign In other words, black sheep.. Farley fucked up.. Estranged from my family.. But you know where to find me, cuz you know where my van be.. Down by ummm... where them boats full of gambling, Proud Mary - Keep on burning I keep on curbing Without Larry While the clouds carry Me home Don't worry what we on.. At woolseeland, Just trust me, man this Lab producing up to Gus Fring standards. (good shit) Face half-off motherfukker, yo On a serious note, I ain't here just to boast Already proved I'm about this shit, like a marriage proposal.. Way past that now, I made my vows and I stuck with it, thru sickness and health, It's been a minute but the truth is it always has been sick Hit the gas, dentist. Doug Benson, Super high me Iame laughing at your expense, senseless.. You controlled by an unseen hand, Henson, apprehensive.. Rightfully so.. Phantom menace in the shadows with us I'm trying to expose, In the process, I shine a light on the rose, See the good and the bad.. What sharp thorns and vibrant pedals it has This a hell of a task, heaven metal my weapon of choice.. I am my enemy still, but my only chance of survival - suicide squad for the job then.. Guess there ain't no other options. Burn this motherfukker down!
Penance 03:39
Heart cryogenic I'm a far cry from gentle Full time fault line Volatile by design.. My mental state of emergency Get it shaking like twerking scenes With enough force to rip cities.. Resources stripped quickly Like wars for rich sickies Report for duty I shan't Kiss my dutyless ass - doodie lips You - gluteus max.. I keep it to the minimum.. Drag you to the trash (where you belong) While my desk top cleaner than my browser history, and the crowd so viscerally denounce this victory.. I declare myself winner In a spiritual ring Born sinner, now pure as a spring But one thing.. There's a Mr. Hyde hiding, and a mystified Jeckyll.. As to why he missed the appointments from last night's schedule Time travel like a blackout drunk, the population round him's dwindling, he can't account for where's he's been.. It's happening again This that Everyday, every night syntax Impact of a life sentence End fast like a death sentence, Come back with a vengeance You will feel my wrath and have penance No motorcycle, no ghost rider My skull's fire is a product of my own ideas Though Inspired by everything When my brain activity exceeds capacity, I fight through with Thunder Thief's tenacity Any green you pass to me, I'm a breathe and keep it moving Appreciate the moment And reprieve the evil doing.. Long enough for folks to get comfortable It's just a Big illusion.. Mad man still on these gad dam streets pursuing Victims, sick I'm.. Someone you don't want it with.. A confirmed concern.. Off meds, imbalanced Heavy noise in the head but External is deadly silent.. I'm on FBI lists, no lets be honest..\ I'm still holding on to civility, I probably wouldn't hurt nobody.. But yall killing me, cuz yall spill that weak, like BP does crude.. Now a real emcee is the clean up crew Man.. I'm telling you run while you still can, it's about to get real Real Bad - you should flee and never look back, t The scene is nothing but tragic Carnage abound.. Hardest shit around Harsh your mellow hella fast, squash it into the grass Wash it up with the sprinklers, the rain or a stream of piss What I'm saying is it don't matter to me, I mix the dialogue with violence like Quentin Brass knuckle uppercut your chin, machete hack your shin I'm fucking winning. These women are on my dick, I mean a woman is on my dick and I don't know about these hoes but I'm loyal as shit.. Got no time for affairs that ain't centered around business that's sound.. I got chips that live in my couch If you lost it's cuz you ain't ostrich with heads to the ground.. That's preposterous.. you missing out Go - I'll give you a.. I'll give you a I'll give you a head start
Super high, super hash me.. Might hit you up for that lift uber taxi Like. You were trapeze Swinging from the bozack.. Don't hold back.. New bills are snap peas Crisp and green I'm trying to get em I spit some things that might blitz the Krieg And split the screen, the vision you have, I Rip it in half.. Wool see who has the last laugh.. yea Wool See With ridiculous, decadent, think tank diesel drip.. Not just any feeble wit.. can guzzle this nozzle (whoa) Got enough for a brothel.. I need service as a frequent occurrence. You dig? Of course you do, cuz you in love with a fossil.. Me too - my Amazon review was 5 star! The temperature rising.. the temperature rising still - The temperature rising.. the temperature rising fall right, right around the corner, your downfall around the corner (it's coming up) The temperate rising still.. the temperature rising (it's going up) It's going up, it's going up.. it's going up, it's going up It's going up, it's going up.. it's going up, it's going up It's going up, it's going up.. it's going up, it's going up It's going up, it's going up.. it's going up, The globe is fucked. Hold up let me state this - been making statements for a decade and some change It gave me some change but more than anything strains Strange aches & pains.. that's just age.. So this time invested never returns, without shifting shape.. Maybe it becomes wisdom, or resentment.. best be present in these moments, while they live streaming.. Cuz they otherwise fleeting.. I use my weed and exercise mind body, and my demons.. All intertwined Like organs of Siamese twins like my Gemini sign reads.. Save it.. Got many faces and ranging hues from asphyxiation blue, rage red to Doc Banner green. Need some calming chamomile I'm about to cause calamity


released August 20, 2015

All songs written & produced by Wool See. Tracks 2, 5, 8, 17 engineered & mixed by Zebulon Dak at Momentum Studios. All other tracks engineered & mixed by Wool See.

Mastered by Zebulon Dak.


all rights reserved



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