from Shed by Wool See

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Co-Produced by THNDRTHF -


Heart cryogenic
I'm a far cry from gentle
Full time fault line
Volatile by design..
My mental state of emergency
Get it shaking like twerking scenes
With enough force to rip cities..
Resources stripped quickly
Like wars for rich sickies
Report for duty I shan't
Kiss my dutyless ass - doodie lips
You - gluteus max..
I keep it to the minimum.. Drag you to the trash (where you belong)
While my desk top cleaner than my browser history, and the crowd so viscerally denounce this victory.. I declare myself winner
In a spiritual ring
Born sinner, now pure as a spring
But one thing..
There's a Mr. Hyde hiding, and a mystified Jeckyll..
As to why he missed the appointments from last night's schedule
Time travel like a blackout drunk, the population round him's dwindling,
he can't account for where's he's been.. It's happening again

This that
Everyday, every night syntax
Impact of a life sentence
End fast like a death sentence,
Come back with a vengeance
You will feel my wrath and have penance

No motorcycle, no ghost rider
My skull's fire is a product of my own ideas
Though Inspired by everything
When my brain activity exceeds capacity,
I fight through with Thunder Thief's tenacity
Any green you pass to me, I'm a breathe and keep it moving
Appreciate the moment
And reprieve the evil doing..
Long enough for folks to get comfortable
It's just a Big illusion..
Mad man still on these gad dam streets pursuing
Victims, sick I'm..
Someone you don't want it with..
A confirmed concern.. Off meds, imbalanced
Heavy noise in the head but External is deadly silent..
I'm on FBI lists, no lets be honest..\
I'm still holding on to civility,
I probably wouldn't hurt nobody.. But yall killing me,
cuz yall spill that weak, like BP does crude..
Now a real emcee is the clean up crew

Man.. I'm telling you run while you still can, it's about to get real
Real Bad - you should flee and never look back, t
The scene is nothing but tragic
Carnage abound.. Hardest shit around
Harsh your mellow hella fast, squash it into the grass
Wash it up with the sprinklers, the rain or a stream of piss
What I'm saying is it don't matter to me, I mix
the dialogue with violence like Quentin
Brass knuckle uppercut your chin, machete hack your shin
I'm fucking winning.
These women are on my dick, I mean a woman is on my dick
and I don't know about these hoes but I'm loyal as shit..
Got no time for affairs that ain't centered around business that's sound..
I got chips that live in my couch
If you lost it's cuz you ain't ostrich with heads to the ground..
That's preposterous.. you missing out

Go - I'll give you a..
I'll give you a
I'll give you a head start


from Shed, released August 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Wool See Vermont

A rap band that makes podcasts.

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