from Shed by Wool See

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Turn this up nice and loud, I'mma turn this upside down,
Wool see.
Collectively, respect my themes
My abc, your Xyz.. I'm excited..
What it don't sound like it?
Nah I'm just saving my energy
It's been a Hot summer.. I'm moving like a dang sloth
Pale arms hanging out my tank top
And I hit the bank often
To Deposit a lot of really small checks..
Rappers all flex.. But This got em running like Faucets..
Yeah they False with it.. Claiming they boss.
But that ain't possible if they don't understand the labor involved..
This is a labor of love it's true,
It's still draining me of my youth..
No breaks until my next break thru..

And it builds and it builds and it builds
repeat until it loses all meaning

I don't know why, (I'm like a) coal miner,
should be focused a renewable source,
but us humans are morons..
No oxy needed, we still got addictions..
Posturepedic, upright walking contradictions..
Fog the vision,
This smog we hitting, live long and prosper, shit
Spock is fiction..
I'mma cash out.. and close my tab before the taps out..
I mean tap water after we suffer mass drought..
You seen idiocracy?
The way they think electrolytes are all the crops will need..
Probably not far off, I bet someday it's all nestle flavored..
We should resist it maybe, but we too busy baiting.. Go away
Leave me be.. Let the Screen burn my eyes out..
This convenience is a lifestyle..
I don't need paper to write now, no disc no tape no vinyl..
Someday I won't even need myself..

I laid the foundation 2014.. Drew the blueprint the year prior..
Before that, it was classes for the bachelors degree..
Though I'm still a student, I'm out here building my trump tower
Third floor in under a year.. My fourth coming 4th quarter,
said it so I have to deliver..
Each story's a chapter I've written.. In this novel I..dea
brought to life via.. Vision no compromise
This is regular, set your watch to it
Know I'll show up with something to say, Jon Stewart.. Will be missed. We need more voices guilting pigs, that's filthy rich
Police are just the storm troopers
There's Sith lords keeping the wars moving..
Greedy hands in the collection plate
Perverted priests trying to molest your babes
GOP tryIng kill estate tax and section 8,
Ask me, we got the wrong pigs in the gestation crates


from Shed, released August 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Wool See Vermont

A rap band that makes podcasts.

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