Summer Snapshots (No Selfie Stick)

from Shed by Wool See

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Sounds of Summer, it's not an apple music playlist
Just a rapper dude that's failing, trying to stack the tools for payment
Stupid paper.. I'm mad at it, like the neighbor kids
Out making noise past midnight, You know how late it is?
I'll be up for a few hours, it's the principle..
Your mischief ain't some shit I'm trying to listen to
When is the school year start?
Teachers, bless their heart..
one things for sure.. I'd be out like Earhart, Amelia
Familiar references, pepper some in. That's the formula
It's not exactly rocket surgery or brain science
but it remains highest priority to me..
probably why I define abnormal to a T
I keep this city weirder than a bumper sticker..
and the voices that I hear enough to get prescription written, sick

Hit that rite-aid right away..

The World keeps letting us down, we think we detectives now..
Don't need to be Sherlock to know that we for sure fucked.
Police catching bodies.. look how many they dash cams caught.
Black Lives Matter.. wouldn't know by routine traffic stops.
I just want us to be free.. I just want to end this spree
of senseless death, not spend my bread
supporting these death industries..
BEEF will be our downfall, I ain't screaming it at town hall,
Passing leaflets out to shoppers at downtown malls,
I ain't trying to be around yall.. shame on me
Hoping that this outlet will suffice when,
except for my lifestyle, I can't change a thing
Cuz what's an example with no leadership qualities?
Now's the time to take a stand or give a sheepish apology.
I want to, but can't bring myself to preach ideology..
You my fellow man, we equally trying to eat.
I wish you success, but urge you to respect life in all forms.
There I go again, with that self righteous performance.
Went from not giving a fuck, sitting at the glutton buffet,
stuffing my face, two of everything.. Noah's ark on a plate
Beer dark as cave, bong tall as a grave..
pack of cigs to lay the tar like I'm paving road ways..
but nowadays, it's a bit different.. clean living.. feel me?


Would it mean that we less free
If the sun set and we don't let it ring
If it don't trigger PTSD,
Are we failing America?
Cuz last year I wasn't celebrating
Heard Someone down the street lit up in the daylight,
right next to the park full of children playing
Heard that pop pop, knew it wasn't bottle rockets..
Or ground blooms--
he was on the ground doomed..
Bus rolled up and found him, neighbor ran up to him,
knew he was fading tried her best to comfort him..
In the midst of an all too active summer..
lost another..

Would it mean that we less free
If the sun set and we don't let it ring
If it don't trigger PTSD,
Are we failing America?

We'll See if they checking for me..

Ah Fuck that just cut the check.. anything less is reckless,
anything more is accepted
that's word, you ain't password protected,
so if I swipe right with this blade it goes in and you exit,
my ink game is inkjet, it's..
fly as eject, or egrets.
You trying to get rid of a product that's defective..
I'm off the grid, you can holler at Drect
Can't direct me, I left the scene..
I'm where you can't access by street,
working on my next ex machina obsessively
What you're hearing now's the current version, 3.0
Still a prototype, like that jam by Big Boi's bro..
hold up..
gotta strip it down like an instagram thirst trap
I'm not on snapchat, I think I'm too married..
Don't know if I'm allowed that..
These rappers claim they faithful to the game, but they got their Ashley Madison accounts hacked.. It's cool you'll bounce back
You wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man..
Doing too much is just what you do man..
I Keep It Simple Stupid, IQ for the ink quill..
Waiting for my phone to do like Drake to Meek Mill


from Shed, released August 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Wool See Vermont

A rap band that makes podcasts.

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