from Shed by Wool See

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Let it sink in.. Flow deep like it was sinking,
renovate your kitchen, I put the sink in..
Find what you seeking..
Got on my Secret Skin, frequencies need tweaking..
Some tools help you see them but only my ears can read them
So I stay overthinking, it presents some head scratchers, \
I teeter on the line between success and disaster..
Bad words for the adverse,
in whichever way the path curves..
I know the only thing that's sure..
Is the end comes last but first, there's hazards.. (watch out)
Beauty in the absurd, uncontrollable laughter..
As we contemplate what's after
This present tense we barely occupy..
Hence these eyes like hemp seed - underutilized

We don't know what we facing..
Seems so audacious..
I'mma walk 20 paces..
Turn, draw & aim swift (bang)
But I can't go back to basics..
Can't go back to basic, that's never what it was.
Can't go back to basics..
Can't go back to basic, that's never what it was.

I stay high.. Head in the heavens or cosmos
Whatever you call those. Stars glow..
it's no red carpet scene, no paparazzi,
just flashes of genius through the vastness between us -
Space bubble..
Don't violate terms of agreement, I space shuttle
Columbia any challenger, who want it huh,
it's coming up - hot plate of jet fuel, kickin like a mule
Spicy.. But the burn so enticing,
mango habanero, you return for the bites til you ignite something..
Like me with these dumb tracks, is moth to bug zapper..
I guess the ends what I was after.. All along.
Why I fixate on the finish?
Cuz I never started nothing, I mean this was always on..
Took some pioneering foot steps, yes
But this the West,
Where there's as many ways to die as Seth says,
Never the less..
I stay running towards
Every uncertainty with the urgency of a Hearse, I mean..
What I really need to rush for? Stoned, Rushmore,
but much less important..
Can't go Back to change it..
Like Back to grade six, before the fucking up
Change my path to straight and.. narrow
Maybe then I'd have a chance to make it rain in the clubs (measure of greatness)

Age 12, my post golden age self tuned in,
it's been gospel ever since..
I like to think I stay well above the average brain cells
but still have moments where this shit don't make no sense
but I can't go back to basics.. Why would I want to though?
My teachers all pushed the envelope, to see how far it'd go..
And took they message around the globe
before email made that economical..
Learned the foundation.. Studied what was new and what was ancient.
Might be what I am to today's kids.. (thirty plus)
But I don't write off the youth.. even if it ain't relatable,
What they write is their truth, sometimes a shame to know..
But I feel it's necessary, though the freshness varies..
Most rappers still on the same steez, I'm impressed it carries
All the extra weight, I'll educate on how to evenly distribute:
Find your own so they know easily it is you..
And not like the 19th member of Migos..


from Shed, released August 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Wool See Vermont

A rap band that makes podcasts.

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