from Homie Garden by Wool See

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Might be a flatline, might be a bad time
To be out here screaming I'm just trying to get mine
But I'm irreverent..
You're either broke or you're delicate..
I guess it's settled then..
Cuz I'm sitting here with crazy glue..
And a bunch of pieces of me it seems I've misplaced a few..
I'm still holding on to spacious views
Plus some anger for my race that can't face the truth

Fuck the white man
Yea I said it, and I meant it, fuck supremacists
Fuck the white man
If it offends, then it’s exactly what the fuck I intended it to do
I’ve got a mirror right here for you all
Don’t be afraid, take a look
I’ve got a mirror right here for me too
I’m secure about what I am, what about you?

I ride for this side, Semper Fi
In this fight for peace.. How do we justify police?
When they on some submit or die..
(No indictments) And what is a crime is who's being victimized
The funny thing about love is - it don't condone your rage but it can't condemn it..
Cuz riots are the language of the unheard
And money can just rape your ear if you don't lend it..
Don't surrender
These are integral intervals
I intercom the frenetic energy in the air,
They scared of that..
Syria, Liberia - they scared of that
Comfort as they know it disappearing
Yeah, they scared of that
This their worst fear materializing
Cuz the concentration of wealth took an extra adderall
And all the middles crumbling, they might just fall in to an uprising


Why must you reinforce that you're secure?
What hardships have you endured?
This is not the posthumous voice of Tupac Shakur
I am the anonymous that died at the hands of your race
That’s who you’re speaking to, isn’t it?
You held up that mirror, can see your reflection in it?
Or are you a blood sucker? taking what don’t belong
It’s still bigger than hip hop - don’t get me wrong
But why are you here? I know that question still haunts you
You say you’ll never be famous, boo hoo noone wants you
But somebodys got their think piece ready,
They’ll lump you with Macklemore and Iggy
Who cares if the other Azealia hates you?
You do because you know she’s got a valid point
You’re the one with disdain, and rightfully so
But I’m not here to offer support, I stand adjacent to your woes
What’s pop culture? All I know is pop culture..
you can’t change why I’m here or who your are
You can’t make history disappear
Keep reminding others, push the discomfort but that don’t help me
Think of that next time you dream of getting wealthy, fucking lying to yourself see
I know you ain’t gon’ quit, cuz you can’t quit, you like Puff Daddy
But fuck rap til your words can heal inequity

I hope I used the appropriate celebrities to put that in perspective for you..


from Homie Garden, released April 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Wool See Vermont

A rap band that makes podcasts.

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