Homie Garden

by Wool See

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Homie Garden 05:06
I know it’s hit or miss Might pique your interest Or keep you in your rest Slumber deep, number sheep To me it’s minty fresh some gon’ smell that funk I do my indie best, plenty stress, been a vet Demos been floating ‘round the internet before Tom set up his profile page You don’t need to know my age Wool See still an infant, unusually gifted Growth, sprouting.. what you know about it? Started with some seeds and a plan.. Kept the operation indoor just so the fucking pork don’t seize my plants why your nose in my business? This a lonely existence Been focused on the mission In the zone but I’m missing All the homies I once had Now I’m cloning something wishing it was different.. These are - the plants that I grew from plants that I grew This Garden is where I spend all my time trying to share this with you I made this for the homies, where y’all at? But what I really want to be able to do is grow y’all.. Can I grow y’all? Find me in the backyard chilling with a hoe.. I mean, I mean, I mean hilling with a hoe I mean, I’m being dumb.. trying to be clever Trying to inject a lil bit of humor in an otherwise sad, and somewhat pathetic sentiment.. I want a homie garden Like, I really want to grow you motherfuckers.. This that Sit back off a thick dab and just laugh How I”m sick at same shit cats can’t even grasp.. Y’all suck at this rap shit.. I should snatch your fan base but they can’t match my Fam base I’m not famous but they ride for me anyways Hop on the bandwagon, while my plants bathing in the sun Growing rampant hook I might put this out tomorrow and hear crickets respond, Maybe a storms coming and this is the calm, Maybe they stay asleep though, might bruise the ego.. I’m caught up in this game of likes and shares.. and the shit effects me.. more than I’d like to share But in the grand scheme, I’m right where I belong Everything in it’s right place, carry on.. Isolated but I'm so inflated, in flight, Hot air Balloon, Up there with you.. In spirit.. I’m not alone (neither are you) See this world is a mix of magic and tragic.. Euphoria and torture.. Natural and trash and it's Something we all sharing global rise of the Fahrenheit, Celsius See there’s science behind this, salesmanship.. We all push something Wool see push pads, Til my wife ain't gotta deal with grown accountants who act like some spoiled lil brats.. This noise is the answer.. Might never take me out the trap but my soul travels in a space that expands Further and further each time.. I tap into that energy find.. Strength to climb, pull my weight, push my fate. We all push something.. Bitch get out the way.. Iame been pushing raps since Y2K You didn’t know me then, so why today? Cuz today I got that work, you should buy some k, You can argue if it's dope, but can't deny integrity.. See, everything I did I did it my weird way. Before I hibernate.. Or hide like some spyware I'mma ride this wave.. No surfbort But the queen bee in this hive is the work horse and the stable she work towards keeping While I'm Deep in the deep end.. no life guard to depend on, so many long for that freedom..
Good For It 04:01
Hello, here’s a pillow you been sleeping on me for real long and that positions so awkward to get rid of that crick in your neck, you’ll need a deep tissue massage for it Hola, ebola.. something like that, I’m the illest come out the wilderness foaming at the mouth, I’m sorry some bad shit went down on that safari.. I prefer not to relive it.. everything I see twisted they call it astigmatism but it’s my view if you don’t agree with it.. well then, you’re d-listed You’re dead to me.. Mr. wonderful on shark tank but I don’t need fishes Cuz I invest my all on all of these beats - listen One time, one two No mic check, that’s not what we gon’ do On this transaction, it’s cash only Cuz checks bounce and I don’t trust you phonies (I’m saying) One time, one two No mic check, that’s not what we gon’ do With this transaction, you gotta prove your worth Cuz I don’t trust that you’re good for it.. One time, fuck swine in this concrete jungle confine.. no vines to swing, no banyan trees to climb Bruce Banner green treats the mind With maximum strength, hulk smashing the street pulp, that’s what you’ll be, cult classic you drink from the Kool Aid, but now it’s too late Cyanide sliding down your throat like some wild waves.. This the Wild west, I’m wanted in five states All these gold bars I possess, they thought I robbed banks But these are all out of my own vaults and you can enter if you want but it’s not safe I mean there’s nothing that I’m trying to hold on to.. thats all you All of my right and wrongdoings now a ghost that haunts you, You can name your price but it’ll accost you.. hook One two.. I won too many lotteries Luckiest dude alive probably You judge solely by property The statements an anomaly But look closer.. So many offerings Opportunity knocks and rings constantly.. I answer in underwear, and scared it off.. But if I never make it to the top At least I rocked the bottom where the fossils be, properly.. Lower than where Drake started, in Toronto see Down Low South Pole, under where the coffins be.. I don't need a resurrection like Common Need a dollar, can I borrow that and get u back tomorrow please? Broke but I'm balling.. Cuz this music is a priceless thing Good woman by my side, bond symbolized by rings worth more than any diamonds be, find me in Control Sector looking like illuminati sponsors me hook x2
Free Freak 04:00
I might fuck up your day with these beats and rhymes Turn up the gain til your speakers fry When I come off the brain, strip emcees of pride What I put on the page might just leave them crying.. See I’ve sharpened my blade, that’s the reason why.. I’m getting up there in age, I’m just seasoned right Kids today either got swag or they got bars, They got no knowledge, no respect for the gawds That started this, Bambaataa did.. Made the Planet Rock, y’all are just some spam bots (man stop) Hip hop does not need saving but the world does, I show up in a cape like Cam’ron (killa) With paper I’m hands on.. Cuz the flows a show off, like “no hands mom” I’m just coasting til a bully jams my spokes and Sends me flying over the handle bars Guess he don’t like weird shit that knocks My style primitive like tools made of sticks and rocks Unorthodox, my tools are a mix of soft and hardware A lot of heart, and obsessive thought Yes yes y’all, freak freak y’all Express yourself, to the beat y’all (With this here I could go all day.. you better go away Don’t let me get in my..) Yes yes y’all, to the beat y’all I express myself, Free Freak and all (With this here I could go all day.. you better go away You let me get in my zone, that’s a big mistake) With these words and these melodies I’mma never cease On the drums and the rhythm driven like SUVs All terrain - meaning there’s nowhere I can’t take this It’s like I learned a universal language I’m not the most fluent speaker but my goal Is simply to express everything that’s in my soul Some are born with an angelic voice and absolute pitch That sounds amazing for you, go make some music I’ve been putting in work but I’m still a student Used to call it lame but now I use some auto-tunage I know some will hate and ask why not just hire a singer? But that’s not the point - I wanna sing it I don’t see what the problem is If you ain’t feeling it, you don’t gotta ride with this Been doing this a minute and the motto I subscribe to is: If it feels good, who are you to decide that it’s not.. I know they say the customer is always right but I can refuse service hook Enough of the sweet shit, let’s get down to the gritty, you with me? On my emcee shit, don’t act like you’re privy you rookie.. Your bars tell a different story I’m the boss you’re just an employee Who’s the boss again? remind me.. No it’s not Rick Ross or Tony.. As in Danza, Your damsel in distress, Facing a dragon’s breath.. With that shiny armor, I must say it looks fresh But I cook flesh and turn a knight to day, I’m bright that way Hold the mic and blaze, get blown away Like Tim McVeigh, I’m nothin to play with.. hoe hook
Two unwavering faiths in one room Like The Sunset Limited.. Drama was imminent. His was in the fix, the remedy.. Synthetic heroin, prescribed many years ago.. Since then his injury heeled but the disease still grows.. It was once a beast consuming him whole, now it's a black hole that vacuumed all he knew & it's future Past life laborer, present day, self-medicated pusher of just enoug to allot his own heaping rations.. and pay his mom a little rent money when she hassles him. Spends his time at a dive down the street A strip club low on charm high on strung out whores selling skin cheap in the back room.. which is where he is now with her and her faith is sure fire.. desire.. Flesh plus any vacancy inside her for sale but the heart still unavailable And it will remain that way.. She been emotionally shattered as the daughter of a pervert, later girlfriend of a batterer.. So all that's left now is some jagged glass She don't take shit she takes tips from shaking ass.. And she takes dick for a rate thats flat until it isn't if you aced negotiation class But either way she’s leaving with something and If she has some sort of problem, she gives her manager a call (her manager?) Yeah that’s the man that she involved with That's her baby's father and her business parter, after all this the closest thing she knows to domestic bliss - pimping.. He treat her good when she inline, beat her good if she caught slipping.. Guess he sensed a lucrative venture soon as he got up in it Now he rents her out so there's no need to covet And it's a warped perspective but she loves him.. Bad news for this addict about to bust in her, Cuz she’ll becomes his obsession.. First time he saw her underneath those lights Like an angel, spread wings in flight, Except those wings were her legs, pointed up to the ceiling Suspended on a brass pole with her body shaking & reeling Descending from the heavens to a room full of heathens, he Simultaneously wanted to both save & violate her Of course he chose the latter Had her in the back room for the smatter Just a taste but he wanted more like anything that helped heal that hurt (he don’t matter) Like he is night, she is light he chases after her with a love that's unrequited, Seems the closest he can get to her face is its reflection in the moon that's the physical for sale, but the rest she ain't giving to him it's not like he'd know what to do with it.. hell, she don't even know what to do with it. She just bottles it up, but fails to label it poison, an oversight that's sure to cause pain and strife, case in point.. The routine was as follows - Few times a week they'd meet, he'd beat, skeet and she'd see the dollars, He was happy to lose on her touch, consumed with that lust, confused it with love, take rationale out the equation, Replace it with pharmaceuts to the face, in the same hole compliments kept spilling out of, he caught feelings.. Let her know it too, said “we should runaway” she'd brush it off, like “what a thought” but the delusions he was shaping were unshakable then one day he noticed bruises around her eye despite painstaking application of makeup, asked her why Not satisfied with her excuses, he waited like a PI in the parking lot, watching dudes trick off, then end of the night Saw her leave with one so he followed, jealous rage growing Ended up outside their apartment with his blade drawn Ran up on them by their whip, things escalated rather quick While charging her man, he failed to see what was in her hand or hear it click then pop pop I guess She is night, He is light.. She took him down because only one can occupy this sky.. He thought that nothing could stand in his way, until she solar eclipsed him Now he won't have any light left when the ambulance gets him.. It's not like he ever even knew what to do with it.. that's why he chased a high that would ruin him but in the end, she was the poison that did him in She was the darkness and at best his light was dim. Night wins.
Same Trap 03:51
Feel like I persevered through the worse of it.. Knock on wood, ain't trying to know how bad it could get Cool kids always ignored me.. (Could've been worse) Could've been bullied ended up suicide story (tragic) Now I'm grown on some bullshit quest for what stardom? I want no part of this Barnum and Bailey Is what I tell myself then ego fails me I’m going crazy.. I don’t want y’all to praise me.. (praise God) I'm just the messenger.. Don't shoot me, don't taze me bro.. But if this God’s work then I deserve my fair share of the attention.. Or is that just satans invention? I'm saying.. Is art for sale a soul for sale? What's the intention? End of the day, nothing charitable, so I guess the questions Who's your buyer? My target audience higher.. My demographic use graphic language to visually guide ya Away from where the only concern is short term turn up, if you turn up in a lake of fire, It’s cuz you bought into something made by liars This is that different shit, different shit - you don’t want it x3 This is that different shit, this is that you ain’t ready This is that, This is that different shit - you don’t want it x3 This is that different shit, this is that you ain’t ready.. Another verse, another bubble burst, Repeat offender.. Start my day with something green in the blender, But I ain't feeling no better Caffeine and some edibles, That's a good start.. Breakfast of champs. Dive headfirst into tracks Today it's trap like my neighborhood can seem.. When sirens scream, Mothers cry and someone just lost everything Tomorrow I'll write a hopeful melody.. And work at the community center, mentoring rebellious teens But I'm piece of shit if tomorrow never comes though And they find me in the trap making trap and no one knows I had a master plan.. And visions of a safer street Without gentrification.. Without having to displace some people.. I'm a weird dude to have at your race relations meeting.. Enthusiastic to the point that I confuse some folks.. White dude, this white privilege unremovable But I'm trying to see positive change so what's an awkward exchange? hook It’s cool how you can live inside a fantasy land Get money, take money from working families’ hands Serve yourself, that’s cool.. I’m serving me too But on the mic there’s a difference between me and you Cuz reality is perspective, perspective is subjective I’m not afraid to ask some questions that might seem tough But if you only pushing fluff because that’s what your fans digesting I come out of left field unexpected, bat to your face, swinging for the fences hook
No Neon 03:30
Friday night and I'm in sweatpants I should wear these to the club.. Nah, the club ain’t in the plans And it never was I'm indoors With mine, get yours I put flame to the forest.. Now let me frame something gorgeous: She’s in similar attire, tired from the 9 to 5 Grind I admire, she a fighter.. Awe-inspiring, I work hard to stay beside her Stabilizer when she get wobbly When the force of life finally throws her something she can't withstand I play the kickstand.. While we work together on that 30 year fixed, man All the neon says open, But I’d rather stay home Y’all be safe, have fun I Hope you find what I've found Pancakes on a Saturday Fun stuff, when the flesh collaborate Feeling pretty good and it ain't noon yet What we doing later Once in a blue moon hit the bar, hit the club With the homies, show some love I should probably make this a habit but dammit my current ones hard to kick She my Marlboro, I marvel - a Scarlett Witch Throwing hexes, no defenses Can be implemented, that won't be rendered useless or ineffective.. So why make the effort.. My BFF is a weapon, we pass through metal detectors When we ascend in the vessel, it will be commandeered Ask her where she wanna steer, I don’t call her deer but I hold her dear hook x2 It’s so simple, so simple, so simple Sunday, no mass, No hangover, no aspirin But I pray to God and I ask him That he watches over us and cast his light So thankful for this life It's so dark when you stay asleep But even when you wake up the reality is bleak Gotta fight for this light.. Apathy the trap to free yourself from Gotta fight for this light.. Apathy the trap to free yourself from Naturally, you have some reservations But let them go, this is an invitation To find something real, no imitation.. Instant vs infinite gratification hook x2
Today was a stellar day, Saw some Scrubs and Stellar Jays See I feed birds for leisure And do research to identify ‘em It’s a good time of year - buds on the trees, lotta hummingbirds on the feeder One part sugar, four parts water - The recipe for nectar This ain’t what you expect a Rapper to do when he’s chilling But rap is for the birds, this is way more fulfilling In this urban confinement of ours.. Got a small sliver of land, but a whisper of a yard, One tree.. Couldn't host 2, But as far as activities, there's a whole slew.. And this might be peace, I hear the chirps all day and those real life tweets.. Don't step through my refuge Unless you can connect to What’s Up We so high No redbull wings just a weed supply We so based Vegan cheese sauce with a miso paste - Yum Get with it or don't Remain on the cusp of a pivotal moment One thing I just could never condone preaching is anything but respect for all living creatures I prefer not to preach though, cuz the list of flaws is stupid long But I’m trying to love myself, Not what I do on the computer alone Man I’m too in the zone, I’ll get back to the birds. Saw a sharp-shinned hawk, that was a first Got a bag of filberts, yeah that’s for the squirrels lotta holes in my yard, lotta snacks in the dirt.. hook
Nu Leaf 03:40
Dark thoughts and clouds of smoke, circle round my crowded skull like the bucket hat on Q I know where the fuck I’m at, where’r you? I’m right on time, right on cue No teleprompter, no reminder with these lines I will fail or prosper But even if I falter.. Stumble or get tongue tied, it can’t be bad as Travolta Slippin like Grease When you see me in these streets fuck a badge and a quota Put it back in your holster.. I said I killed emcees, that was bragging and boasting But they probably call the Gang Enforcement Team cuz they need to keep Portland safe from this dangerous culture.. Man, enough of all this topical rap.. These current events will probably be old news by the time I end up dropping this track Like illmac said, I just wanna give you music in its newest tense But I’m a perfectionist So the present turn past cuz I’m waiting on the best mix, go down the check list - I need art, and some PR Make sure these blogs know we stars, Who I gotta box for that World Star postage, some bullshit for 3 bills they put your video up But you do some ratchet shit and you might get that free hook up, Don’t look me up I can give you what you want, but that’s no fun Let’s turn over a new leaf to burn x2 If you ain’t appreciating this, I’ll go to extremes say you’re hating this.. First amendment exercising, til it loses weight in this.. But I’m not sweating here, I’m not shedding tears No I’m cool like central, No I’m downright cold wearing extra layers You catch me player? I’m frostbit You working out like CrossFit til you burning up like Auschwitz But fuck Nazis and an overused reference, I do better That’s why I win on a track like Bruce Jenner Til I’m on my Bruce Banner - cuz green is power Ask Popeye why he use spinach.. Everything you do is vintage, I’m fresh from the mint scrill All my bills got the newest image of some old president’s grill And yeah I’ve been trill, since I used to rock a pencil That was a long ass time ago I been had that write a whole song up in my head skill This nothing to me.. at the same time, it means something to me I hope it means something to you as well But, well, that ain’t up to me.. This might not be what you want, might not be what you need But stop being selfish, this is my outlet, If you don’t like what I’m charging, then you can get out
FTWM 03:25
Might be a flatline, might be a bad time To be out here screaming I'm just trying to get mine But I'm irreverent.. You're either broke or you're delicate.. I guess it's settled then.. Cuz I'm sitting here with crazy glue.. And a bunch of pieces of me it seems I've misplaced a few.. I'm still holding on to spacious views Plus some anger for my race that can't face the truth Fuck the white man Yea I said it, and I meant it, fuck supremacists Fuck the white man If it offends, then it’s exactly what the fuck I intended it to do I’ve got a mirror right here for you all Don’t be afraid, take a look I’ve got a mirror right here for me too I’m secure about what I am, what about you? I ride for this side, Semper Fi In this fight for peace.. How do we justify police? When they on some submit or die.. (No indictments) And what is a crime is who's being victimized The funny thing about love is - it don't condone your rage but it can't condemn it.. Cuz riots are the language of the unheard And money can just rape your ear if you don't lend it.. Don't surrender These are integral intervals I intercom the frenetic energy in the air, They scared of that.. Jihadbola, Syria, Liberia - they scared of that Comfort as they know it disappearing Yeah, they scared of that This their worst fear materializing Cuz the concentration of wealth took an extra adderall And all the middles crumbling, they might just fall in to an uprising hook Why must you reinforce that you're secure? What hardships have you endured? This is not the posthumous voice of Tupac Shakur I am the anonymous that died at the hands of your race That’s who you’re speaking to, isn’t it? You held up that mirror, can see your reflection in it? Or are you a blood sucker? taking what don’t belong It’s still bigger than hip hop - don’t get me wrong But why are you here? I know that question still haunts you You say you’ll never be famous, boo hoo noone wants you But somebodys got their think piece ready, They’ll lump you with Macklemore and Iggy Who cares if the other Azealia hates you? You do because you know she’s got a valid point You’re the one with disdain, and rightfully so But I’m not here to offer support, I stand adjacent to your woes What’s pop culture? All I know is pop culture.. you can’t change why I’m here or who your are You can’t make history disappear Keep reminding others, push the discomfort but that don’t help me Think of that next time you dream of getting wealthy, fucking lying to yourself see I know you ain’t gon’ quit, cuz you can’t quit, you like Puff Daddy But fuck rap til your words can heal inequity I hope I used the appropriate celebrities to put that in perspective for you..
Swash 04:07
I don’t need no gimmicks to make you wanna jump in it Don’t just splash your feet, go swimming To this Master Piece there’s no limit No Limits, No lemmings allowed Think for yourselves You in the crowd, I’m rocking Looking at you so we equal now I’m a regular dude like Kevin Hart Make vulnerable my trademark No AR, no AK But I slay y’all with this grade A Wordplay, yeah it’s nerdy But it’s cool now says the internet It’s about time bitch, I’m 30 been doing this since I was 13 Hurting these cats since before the mustache I’m Burt Reynolds, y’all Bert & Ernie That’s real nerfy - toughen up hoe This roller derby, I’m cold as slurpee Brain freeze, I don’t aim to please Up against Goliath, I’m tangling knees Cuz the taller that they are, harder they crash to the ground Like that plane of Aaliyah’s (Rest in Peace) Fuck shock value, if I rock the boat I’m trying to drown all you I’m Long John Sliver, make you walk the plank Turn Captain Phillips into a Castaway Shark Bait, You want to parlay? turn you to a parfait You need a barf bag Cuz this ill as the norovirus You’re at war with pirates, argh matey! So check the map, it says X marks the motherfucking spot Get that booty, diamonds and rubies, all the shiny jewelry We some modern day Goonies on a quest for something So check the map, the Northwest is that motherfucking spot Get that booty, diamonds and rubies, all that Gold jewelry This a modern day Goonies how I’m treasure hunting Y’all on that yolo, I’m on that yo-ho Jack sparrow, private stock rum out the black barrel Call me One-Eyed Willy, I’m out here dropping gems in Oregon, bitch hook Okay now the theme of this song is apparent, Perched on my shoulder is a parrot, I just like to wear it These are stupid bars, far from Mac support But I did buy my iPatch at the Apple Store I got cheap jokes for days, this is Fukushima waste via Ocean waves On the West Coast, babies will be born with extra fingers and less toes Mutants, no X though.. Come to my next show, my sets dope I get folks yelling out shit like they stuck in Tourette’s mode Now things getting stressful This games a perfect storm There’s turbulence ahead, but this pilot does not fear I started with pirated software, so since day one I’ve been a terrorist hijacker While my listeners will steal this first and buy after Once it’s verified it’s worth the price If my ships on your horizon, there’s trouble in paradise Til my parrot dies, I’m straight hook RIP Polly
Fire Dew 03:56
See what that fire do.. see what that fire do One bowl of this flame is like a bullet to your brain.. So oil on your nail or the coil in your pens like playing with.. An Uzi, with an extended clip, it’s a doozy.. I’m choosy, I need a strain to tame these mood swings If we want it, we frack We dig and we extract I find the tallest evergreen, climb it to the moon and back Then burn it down.. Eye of the storm but I’m very calm, One time for the Strawberry Cough One time for the kush and such Shout out to the fam who hooks it up This the Northwest, where the soil is.. money From Humboldt County, Southern Cali up to BC Yeah the whole coast does it freely Can’t forget about CO.. yea I see y’all You been dabbing forever Wasn’t ready first time I saw it happen in Denver But now I go hard til the torch is empty and I need to refuel But I gotta take a break sometimes, For your health - Steve Brule Caught between sober and being a stoner, I can’t leave it alone But I don’t even know exactly what I’m breathing on.. These concentrates keep me zoning but then the paranoia grows Think someones leaking like Snowden these secrets in my dome But even worse is the hypochondriac thinking though, like where’s the cancer? Need to relax but my heart beating faster took too many dabs My phone and computer probably give off more radiation than the battery in this vape pen is it safe then? Who on that solventless? Ice water hash sounds marvelous My homies ain’t concerned, they know their shit They say there’s no residual butane when purged proper, well I’m no doctor but less chemicals in the process seems optimal I should probably stick to the good old fashioned regular weed but that’s like a message in a bottle, sent to sea compared to a twitter feed - antiquated indeed it’s like “Beam me up Scotty” vs standing in line at the DMV just to take the test, fail it once, come back in 3 weeks Once you finally pass, reach your destination That might be a bit of an exaggeration Depends on who you ask, If you smoke all day that tolerance massive That’s why some people need that shatter, that budder, that errrl, these waxes


released April 20, 2015

Produced, written, recorded & mixed by Wool See. Mastered by Zebulon Dak


all rights reserved



Wool See Vermont

A rap band that makes podcasts.

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