Fire Dew

from Homie Garden by Wool See

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See what that fire do.. see what that fire do

One bowl of this flame is like a bullet to your brain..

So oil on your nail or the coil in your pens like playing with..

An Uzi, with an extended clip, it’s a doozy..

I’m choosy, I need a strain to tame these mood swings

If we want it, we frack
We dig and we extract
I find the tallest evergreen, climb it to the moon and back
Then burn it down..

Eye of the storm but I’m very calm, One time for the Strawberry Cough
One time for the kush and such
Shout out to the fam who hooks it up
This the Northwest, where the soil is.. money
From Humboldt County, Southern Cali up to BC
Yeah the whole coast does it freely
Can’t forget about CO.. yea I see y’all
You been dabbing forever
Wasn’t ready first time I saw it happen in Denver
But now I go hard til the torch is empty and I need to refuel
But I gotta take a break sometimes, For your health - Steve Brule

Caught between sober and being a stoner, I can’t leave it alone
But I don’t even know exactly what I’m breathing on..
These concentrates keep me zoning but then the paranoia grows
Think someones leaking like Snowden these secrets in my dome
But even worse is the hypochondriac thinking though, like where’s the cancer?
Need to relax but my heart beating faster took too many dabs
My phone and computer probably give off more radiation than the battery in this vape pen
is it safe then?

Who on that solventless?
Ice water hash sounds marvelous
My homies ain’t concerned, they know their shit
They say there’s no residual butane when purged
proper, well I’m no doctor
but less chemicals in the process seems optimal
I should probably stick to the good old fashioned regular weed
but that’s like a message in a bottle, sent to sea
compared to a twitter feed - antiquated indeed
it’s like “Beam me up Scotty” vs standing in line at the DMV
just to take the test, fail it once, come back in 3 weeks
Once you finally pass, reach your destination
That might be a bit of an exaggeration
Depends on who you ask,
If you smoke all day that tolerance massive
That’s why some people need that shatter, that budder, that errrl, these waxes


from Homie Garden, released April 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Wool See Vermont

A rap band that makes podcasts.

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