Anyway Anywhere

from Homie Garden by Wool See

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from Homie Garden, released April 20, 2015
Feel a cramp in my chest, lose a gram to the sesh
Strain the same color as uniforms in the Grand Budapest
My life aquatic like Anderson, Wes - Wavy
Out the hamper I’m fresh, til I’m pushing up daisies
I’mma smell like fucking roses, yeah that’s the thorn that raised me..
Some folks support here, some just abort this baby
Upon being heard, these words are choose your own adventure
Either defer the dream or join as if this were Inception

In the midst of, bullets flying and split decisions
War crimes for short division
Pulverize any opposition
Wolverine when them claws getchya
Go for mine til the mortician
Go for broke, I don’t go for rich men
I do this for the love, not for the business
It’s not an I-N-C, it’s an I emcee
I need a lion’s share of what a lion eats
You liars reaching for the sky I see
Sky I see - pilot’s seat..
I bring you back down that’s policy
I keep the pyrex clean for the hi-res photo,
Cover my next single
Keep your eyelids peeled, it’s called “My Recipe”
Off the upcoming mixtape, Pyrex of the Caribbean..
Follow up to Pyrannosaurus Rex
Yo the traps closing fast, I’m becoming smothered
Take leaves to the lung like gutter,
sputter this utter filth
I’m Happy Gilmore with a putter
You stutter - t-t-today junior
Go back to grade school, Madi-son ya
Above the rim, I’m functioning
The bud is trim
The visuals are uncut and expose a truth that’s fucking grim
You flunking gym, I got an A in PE cuz I’m silverback
Seal your fate,
Rhythm swinging like Tarzan and these bars that it facilitate - BEAST

Anyway you want - you can get it
My kinds a threat to you counterfeit, we got you sweating in cold weather, give it up
Anywhere you are - you can get it
Like I sent the drones to your crib, I’m over your head and programmed to win, what’s up
Anyway you want - you can get it
My think tank is that diesel, while you running off of unleaded, let it go
Anywhere you are - you can get it
You don’t want it, but if you get just be thankful and pay it forward

This is information
Fuck relevant, this is urgent and impatient
I pray it’s contagious
Feel like this is where I’m stationed
I’m just a visitor but not a tourist on vacation
I’m doing God’s work - creation
Young kids on the curb, sit and observe
Absorb like a sponge all the ignorant words
And actions of hate
Cops drive by but ain’t keeping us safe
What good is their cage?
When the mind is already enslaved, and there’s nowhere to escape
They search for the guns, they lock up the shooters
But don’t do nothing to stop more being made
It’s that Kevorkian fate - killing ourselves
I look forward to the day I feel something else
Cuz right now I feel I should be armed to the teeth
But I’d rather turn the other cheek
Mouth full of metal - no grill and no braces
Yell of a rebel - so shrill and abrasive
Screaming like Banshee, til we wake up out this bad dream



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Wool See Vermont

A rap band that makes podcasts.

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