by Wool See

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United in division, racism
The prison system
And it’s corporate sponsors
Rely on
Thus only triumph is abolition
But most y’all don’t listen
Most y’all don’t care
Won’t even lock self down
Act blissfully unaware
In the face of this virus
When the sinister truth
Is you pick and choose what truth is
Isn’t this you?
Biased in your subscription
Who administer news
Is impartial as their salary’s marginal
What’s in this for you?

We can’t keep covid out of penitentiaries
You thinking I’m not scared of this shit
I’m trying to get some drinks
Concept of transmission
Lost in translation
But to you community’s
Only ever been an opportunity
Bolster your ego, socialite
While overnight
Might lose some 45 hundred lives
46 ain’t finna save us
When the 14/88 embedded in the state
Millionaires capping like capitalism isn’t great
Fuck it, I can’t say anything deeper than Macklemore
At least he got the bag secured
Leftists all try to own each other
Like the right tries to own the libs
Like the libs own a fantasy which simply don’t exist
Copped it quick as some Hamilton tix
Lin-Manuel sells a selfie of himself biting his lip
These are your heroes
Monetizing what they co-opt
Buttigieg inspirations that miss like Obama’s drone bombs

Go on, think I will
I’m in a state that gave you viral mittens
In a different sense, a state of primal dimness
In the dark as to why you harken back to child wisdom
When there’s much to think critically about
And it’s enough to make me cynically shrug
Doubt things will improve
But I’mma keep looking out for you
While working on me
Imperfect as I be
Irrelevant as I am
Futile as this effort graded E
Oh that’s it?

Top of my class and it’s pass fail
The accolades were always that stale
Give me bread, need it fresh like a fish sale
Something, something, coke rap, fish scale
Pollute the ocean ’til the fish bail
Push a tee, get your disc mailed
I prefer these days to keep it digital
When Jade Relics get merch
We gon’ do our best to be local and ethical
But shit

I wonder why
I wonder why I try
It’s all a blunder
We plunder and die
I wonder why
I wonder why
I wonder why
It’s all a fucking mistake

Damned if I do
Damned if I don’t

Catch 22
Catch it in your throat


released January 29, 2021
Beat produced on the Synthstrom Deluge. Vocals recorded, mixed & mastered in Ableton. Everything is Wool See's fault.


all rights reserved



Wool See Vermont

A rap band that makes podcasts.

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