from Homie Garden by Wool See

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I don’t need no gimmicks to make you wanna jump in it
Don’t just splash your feet, go swimming
To this Master Piece there’s no limit
No Limits, No lemmings allowed
Think for yourselves
You in the crowd, I’m rocking
Looking at you so we equal now
I’m a regular dude like Kevin Hart
Make vulnerable my trademark
No AR, no AK
But I slay y’all with this grade A
Wordplay, yeah it’s nerdy
But it’s cool now says the internet
It’s about time bitch, I’m 30
been doing this since I was 13
Hurting these cats since before the mustache
I’m Burt Reynolds, y’all Bert & Ernie
That’s real nerfy - toughen up hoe
This roller derby, I’m cold as slurpee
Brain freeze, I don’t aim to please
Up against Goliath, I’m tangling knees
Cuz the taller that they are, harder they crash to the ground
Like that plane of Aaliyah’s (Rest in Peace)
Fuck shock value, if I rock the boat I’m trying to drown all you
I’m Long John Sliver, make you walk the plank
Turn Captain Phillips into a Castaway
Shark Bait, You want to parlay? turn you to a parfait
You need a barf bag
Cuz this ill as the norovirus
You’re at war with pirates, argh matey!

So check the map, it says X marks the motherfucking spot
Get that booty, diamonds and rubies, all the shiny jewelry
We some modern day Goonies on a quest for something
So check the map, the Northwest is that motherfucking spot
Get that booty, diamonds and rubies, all that Gold jewelry
This a modern day Goonies how I’m treasure hunting

Y’all on that yolo, I’m on that yo-ho
Jack sparrow, private stock rum out the black barrel
Call me One-Eyed Willy, I’m out here dropping gems in Oregon, bitch


Okay now the theme of this song is apparent,
Perched on my shoulder is a parrot,
I just like to wear it
These are stupid bars, far from Mac support
But I did buy my iPatch at the Apple Store
I got cheap jokes for days, this is Fukushima waste via Ocean waves
On the West Coast, babies will be born with extra fingers and less toes
Mutants, no X though..
Come to my next show, my sets dope
I get folks yelling out shit like they stuck in Tourette’s mode
Now things getting stressful
This games a perfect storm
There’s turbulence ahead, but this pilot does not fear
I started with pirated software, so since day one
I’ve been a terrorist hijacker
While my listeners will steal this first and buy after
Once it’s verified it’s worth the price
If my ships on your horizon, there’s trouble in paradise
Til my parrot dies, I’m straight


RIP Polly


from Homie Garden, released April 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Wool See Vermont

A rap band that makes podcasts.

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