Nu Leaf

from Homie Garden by Wool See

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Dark thoughts and clouds of smoke, circle round my crowded skull
like the bucket hat on Q
I know where the fuck I’m at, where’r you?
I’m right on time, right on cue
No teleprompter, no reminder
with these lines I will fail or prosper
But even if I falter..
Stumble or get tongue tied, it can’t be bad as Travolta
Slippin like Grease
When you see me in these streets fuck a badge and a quota
Put it back in your holster..
I said I killed emcees, that was bragging and boasting
But they probably call the Gang Enforcement Team
cuz they need to keep Portland safe from this dangerous culture..
Man, enough of all this topical rap..
These current events will probably be old news by the time I end up dropping this track
Like illmac said, I just wanna give you music in its newest tense
But I’m a perfectionist
So the present turn past cuz I’m waiting on the best mix, go down the check list -
I need art, and some PR
Make sure these blogs know we stars,
Who I gotta box for that World Star postage, some bullshit
for 3 bills they put your video up
But you do some ratchet shit and you might get that free hook up,
Don’t look me up

I can give you what you want, but that’s no fun
Let’s turn over a new leaf to burn

If you ain’t appreciating this, I’ll go to extremes say you’re hating this..
First amendment exercising, til it loses weight in this..
But I’m not sweating here, I’m not shedding tears
No I’m cool like central, No I’m downright cold wearing extra layers
You catch me player? I’m frostbit
You working out like CrossFit til you burning up like Auschwitz
But fuck Nazis and an overused reference, I do better
That’s why I win on a track like Bruce Jenner
Til I’m on my Bruce Banner - cuz green is power
Ask Popeye why he use spinach..
Everything you do is vintage, I’m fresh from the mint scrill
All my bills got the newest image of some old president’s grill
And yeah I’ve been trill, since I used to rock a pencil
That was a long ass time ago
I been had that write a whole song up in my head skill
This nothing to me.. at the same time, it means something to me
I hope it means something to you as well
But, well, that ain’t up to me..
This might not be what you want, might not be what you need
But stop being selfish, this is my outlet,
If you don’t like what I’m charging, then you can get out


from Homie Garden, released April 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Wool See Vermont

A rap band that makes podcasts.

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