Homie Garden

from Homie Garden by Wool See

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I know it’s hit or miss
Might pique your interest
Or keep you in your rest
Slumber deep, number sheep
To me it’s minty fresh
some gon’ smell that funk
I do my indie best, plenty stress, been a vet
Demos been floating ‘round the internet
before Tom set up his profile page
You don’t need to know my age
Wool See still an infant, unusually gifted
Growth, sprouting.. what you know about it?
Started with some seeds and a plan..
Kept the operation indoor just so the fucking pork don’t seize my plants
why your nose in my business?
This a lonely existence
Been focused on the mission
In the zone but I’m missing
All the homies I once had
Now I’m cloning something wishing it was different..

These are - the plants that I grew from plants that I grew
This Garden is where I spend all my time trying to share this with you
I made this for the homies, where y’all at?
But what I really want to be able to do is grow y’all..
Can I grow y’all?

Find me in the backyard chilling with a hoe..
I mean, I mean, I mean hilling with a hoe
I mean, I’m being dumb.. trying to be clever
Trying to inject a lil bit of humor in an otherwise sad,
and somewhat pathetic sentiment.. I want a homie garden
Like, I really want to grow you motherfuckers..
This that
Sit back
off a thick dab
and just laugh
How I”m sick at
same shit cats
can’t even grasp..
Y’all suck at this rap shit..
I should snatch your fan base but they can’t match my
Fam base
I’m not famous but they ride for me anyways
Hop on the bandwagon, while my plants bathing in the sun
Growing rampant


I might put this out tomorrow and hear crickets respond,
Maybe a storms coming and this is the calm,
Maybe they stay asleep though, might bruise the ego..
I’m caught up in this game of likes and shares..
and the shit effects me.. more than I’d like to share
But in the grand scheme, I’m right where I belong
Everything in it’s right place, carry on..

Isolated but I'm so inflated, in flight,
Hot air Balloon, Up there with you..
In spirit.. I’m not alone (neither are you)
See this world is a mix of magic and tragic.. Euphoria and torture..
Natural and trash and it's
Something we all sharing global rise of the Fahrenheit, Celsius
See there’s science behind this, salesmanship..
We all push something
Wool see push pads,
Til my wife ain't gotta deal with grown accountants who act
like some spoiled lil brats.. This noise is the answer..
Might never take me out the trap but my soul travels
in a space that expands
Further and further each time.. I tap into that energy find..
Strength to climb, pull my weight, push my fate.
We all push something.. Bitch get out the way..
Iame been pushing raps since Y2K
You didn’t know me then, so why today?
Cuz today I got that work, you should buy some k,
You can argue if it's dope, but can't deny integrity..
See, everything I did I did it my weird way.
Before I hibernate.. Or hide like some spyware
I'mma ride this wave.. No surfbort
But the queen bee in this hive is the work horse
and the stable she work towards keeping
While I'm Deep in the deep end..
no life guard to depend on, so many long for that freedom..


from Homie Garden, released April 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Wool See Vermont

A rap band that makes podcasts.

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