Good For It

from Homie Garden by Wool See

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Hello, here’s a pillow
you been sleeping on me for real long
and that positions so awkward
to get rid of that crick in your neck,
you’ll need a deep tissue massage for it
Hola, ebola.. something like that, I’m the illest
come out the wilderness foaming at the mouth, I’m sorry
some bad shit went down on that safari..
I prefer not to relive it..
everything I see twisted
they call it astigmatism but it’s my view
if you don’t agree with it..
well then, you’re d-listed
You’re dead to me..
Mr. wonderful on shark tank but I don’t need fishes
Cuz I invest my all on all of these beats - listen

One time, one two
No mic check, that’s not what we gon’ do
On this transaction, it’s cash only
Cuz checks bounce and I don’t trust you phonies (I’m saying)
One time, one two
No mic check, that’s not what we gon’ do
With this transaction, you gotta prove your worth
Cuz I don’t trust that you’re good for it..

One time, fuck swine
in this concrete jungle confine..
no vines to swing, no banyan trees to climb
Bruce Banner green treats the mind
With maximum strength, hulk smashing the street
pulp, that’s what you’ll be, cult classic you drink
from the Kool Aid, but now it’s too late
Cyanide sliding down your throat like some wild waves..
This the Wild west, I’m wanted in five states
All these gold bars I possess, they thought I robbed banks
But these are all out of my own vaults and you can enter if you want but it’s not safe
I mean there’s nothing that I’m trying to hold on to.. thats all you
All of my right and wrongdoings now a ghost that haunts you,
You can name your price but it’ll accost you..


One two.. I won too many lotteries
Luckiest dude alive probably
You judge solely by property
The statements an anomaly
But look closer.. So many offerings
Opportunity knocks and rings constantly..
I answer in underwear, and scared it off..
But if I never make it to the top
At least I rocked the bottom where the fossils be, properly..
Lower than where Drake started, in Toronto see
Down Low South Pole, under where the coffins be..
I don't need a resurrection like Common
Need a dollar, can I borrow that and get u back tomorrow please?
Broke but I'm balling.. Cuz this music is a priceless thing
Good woman by my side, bond symbolized by rings
worth more than any diamonds be,
find me in Control Sector looking like illuminati sponsors me

hook x2


from Homie Garden, released April 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Wool See Vermont

A rap band that makes podcasts.

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