Free Freak

from Homie Garden by Wool See

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I might fuck up your day with these beats and rhymes
Turn up the gain til your speakers fry
When I come off the brain, strip emcees of pride
What I put on the page might just leave them crying..
See I’ve sharpened my blade, that’s the reason why..
I’m getting up there in age, I’m just seasoned right
Kids today either got swag or they got bars,
They got no knowledge, no respect for the gawds
That started this, Bambaataa did..
Made the Planet Rock, y’all are just some spam bots (man stop)
Hip hop does not need saving but the world does,
I show up in a cape like Cam’ron (killa)
With paper I’m hands on..
Cuz the flows a show off, like “no hands mom”
I’m just coasting til a bully jams my spokes and
Sends me flying over the handle bars
Guess he don’t like weird shit that knocks
My style primitive like tools made of sticks and rocks
Unorthodox, my tools are a mix of soft
and hardware
A lot of heart, and obsessive thought

Yes yes y’all, freak freak y’all
Express yourself, to the beat y’all
(With this here I could go all day.. you better go away
Don’t let me get in my..)
Yes yes y’all, to the beat y’all
I express myself, Free Freak and all
(With this here I could go all day.. you better go away
You let me get in my zone, that’s a big mistake)

With these words and these melodies I’mma never cease
On the drums and the rhythm driven like SUVs
All terrain - meaning there’s nowhere I can’t take this
It’s like I learned a universal language
I’m not the most fluent speaker but my goal
Is simply to express everything that’s in my soul
Some are born with an angelic voice and absolute pitch
That sounds amazing for you, go make some music
I’ve been putting in work but I’m still a student
Used to call it lame but now I use some auto-tunage
I know some will hate and ask why not just hire a singer?
But that’s not the point - I wanna sing it
I don’t see what the problem is
If you ain’t feeling it, you don’t gotta ride with this
Been doing this a minute and the motto I subscribe to is:
If it feels good, who are you to decide that it’s not..
I know they say the customer is always right but I can refuse service


Enough of the sweet shit, let’s get down to the gritty, you with me?
On my emcee shit, don’t act like you’re privy you rookie..
Your bars tell a different story
I’m the boss you’re just an employee
Who’s the boss again? remind me..
No it’s not Rick Ross or Tony..
As in Danza, Your damsel in distress,
Facing a dragon’s breath..
With that shiny armor, I must say it looks fresh
But I cook flesh and turn a knight to day, I’m bright that way
Hold the mic and blaze, get blown away
Like Tim McVeigh, I’m nothin to play with.. hoe



from Homie Garden, released April 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Wool See Vermont

A rap band that makes podcasts.

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