Woolloween Vol. 1

by Wool See

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For the 2019 halloween season, we took some horror movies we were feeling and incorporated them into new compositions (mostly instrumental with the exception of Red's Revenge 🌲🐅). These were originally released as a video series but now you can download the standalone audio tracks as well. The tracks and their corresponding videos all feature a live performance aspect, from the live sample triggering on TerriFIRE 🔥😱, to the live-sequencing and performance effects on Mids 💐🌸 and, lastly, a one-take verse delivered on Red's Revenge 🌲🐅. The movies flipped in this series were (in order of track):

1. Terrifier (2016)
2. Midsommar (2019)
3. Mandy (2018)

The live-performance video series can be viewed here: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn_92AxxvfE-0xXVJGoMsFjfLz2l_B9_h


released November 6, 2019

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Wool See.


all rights reserved



Wool See Vermont

A prolific indie-rap band with an unsettlingly low member count.

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Track Name: Red's Revenge 🌲🐅
This that Woolloween
Thru screams I’m slicing
Epsteins and Weinsteins
Turn to crime scenes
Obscene like Ford & Tench
Recorded testimonies
Death is honing in on you
Here’s what we finna do
Leave a trail of DNA
To where it all wrong
went for you
Interview your closest kin
About how gross it’s been
Inform them the curse has been lifted
The perverts been rid from this earth
And stripped of his worth
I’m out here gifting the worms
With limbs in the dirt
Me & this chainsaw been putting in work
No days off,
But monsters get downtime evidently
Maybe they take a year off, put some darker tints on they Bentley
But then they wonder round they mansion antsy
What a lavish fancy life if you can’t flaunt it where the cameras flashing?
But then I’m at the red carpet
With my fashion matching,
when they ask me
Who are you wearing?
I answer laughing
Like exactly
Exacto knife
My practice precise
Rapists run the world
With actions of fright
And sleep thru night
So I Krueger there dream
Catch them inside
They’ll be wishing
They didn’t pop an ambien
Scrambling, surrounded by headless mannequins,
not standing still,
Damn it’s real, this ain’t hill house or amityville,
this is karma, gods plan revealed
Red miller
I might be tripping off this tainted batch
But I still see the real demons,
and I came thru to slay them,
You and your cult picked the wrong one
under this evergreen canopy, understand me
I will make you pay for what you did to Mandy

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