Leaving / Left

by Wool See

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Matthew Wills
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Matthew Wills Leaving/Left Left/Over are both bangers,love it bro! Favorite track: Pack It Up, Pack It Intro.
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Dimxsk IAME has always been my favorite "Sandperson". His work with various producers is unceasingly awesome, and I am finding that with his one man project Wool See, taking control of every aspect of production not only produces amazing music but allows even more of who he is as an artist to shine through. Pick up the B-Sides EP Left / Over before it's gone, Open Arms is an amazing track.
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Can't take this shit with me nah  Shimmy shimmy yah, cheviot sheep flock  I G5 the Jihad, feel the Gulf Stream Spot a fly threat then the break out the swatter  Squad is lit  And the light expose how small it is  I'm not ashamed, modest frame  Big love, Bill Paxton  big ideas, expansive   Packing some - fire in the one hitter  Pack the trunk with some extra cat litter Pack the U-Haul with all that I am  Boxes of nostalgia, anxiety and nausea  Marbles still partially unaccounted for  the ones I have, loose hear them rolling round the floor.. try to not let it distract  Got one last mission before beginning this trek  In the midst of missile launches as pissing contests, after we voted in Russia's most precious prospect That's just the landscape, red and blue,   my mind-states been divvied too..  My heart and my heads in a family feud  Steve Harvey announce winner, and their screwed Better luck next time miss Columbia... (you are all of us) Saying so long for all the homies I been ghost on  I'm sorry but I doubt y'all missed me much  Evident by who hits me up. VIP in this empty club introvert go skurrrt in the Prius back to the house put on sweat pants and get entranced in the projects, all this to say.. I know it's a 2 way street If you stay reaching.. and all that I've been's aloof   If I said the solitude ensures the follow thru, is it a valid excuse? I don't play well with others, yet I thrived in some groups (and now) I might talk myself in circles... or annoy my wife ’til she thru..   I can't help it
Bylaws 02:58
Heavy sound,  Heaven noise in the clouds  Even when the imprint was infant  Didn't shit in no huggies, I did like big kids, wow Pull up, that mean biz been handled  Subscribe to the channel now I ain't here to front like it's popping when it's not but this a intricate dance move to you it looks like flopping..  Been a half a decade since I took a loss but All this calculating can get exhausting  There's benefits in tunnel vision, I just unfocus my eyes, see how much can get in  Whole life flashing like a brush with death  This came to me in premonition, this is what I expect  But you don't see that far.. brick hurling toward your face, it’s gone leave a mark  My reflex is Kat Von Dee pressing needle down to ink flesh. My double helix is grinning like Felix and no elixir can leave the disease cured.. that's cliche ill, but I say it still.. on hiatus from faded but the way the cadence tilt, the way drums lean  You'd think I fell off the wagon, swilling my favorite well, or even better but why risk having that Jamie spill.. that's blasphemy I tell you  Blarney stoned, Marley tone wailing ’til the party gone.. charismatic as a car alarm, Tom Morello on guitar shredding gnar I wish I was the drug czar, cuz then I probably wouldn't know where the drugs are  Walkers in these streets, some came from doctors with degrees, some just had a bad friend tape cinderblocks up to their feet before throwing them off one of our many bridges..   prescription to infliction to addiction you ain't swimming.. learn marine biology, a fiend’s apology, transparent as jellyfish, manipulate obtain the fix,  Come back with that obscene toxicology (these are sad times, heavy times) Sorry I don't know the bylaws.. so much fine print I'm just trying to stay awake    I don't know the bylaws.. so much fine print I'm just trying to stay awake I don't know the bylaws.. contract so thick, I'm just trying to stay awake Sorry I don't know the bylaws.. so much fine print I'm just trying to stay awake    You know what I mean..      
Lumps 02:40
Pour it out  Days of yore  I’d tour and get tore down stages we tore up in states of adored foul  Main support by Jameson, make some noise for them.. Warm crowd, The headliners brought out  And lines that I wrote down at one time are like  Headphones in your pocket, the chords wild  I don't even know how they tangled to this extent  My brain is a thorn pile  But I'm reformed now Put the bottles down, no more porters, stouts or porterhouse   I’m living a little different, but not sure it counts.. Still sordid as ever just trying to sort it out   Oblivion was alluring like I was born to drown Fishermen threw that lure in, I bit he pulled me out..  Now it's either prep me for feast, or catch and release.. I'll take my chance on the dinner table, let's eat.. What have we here? New frontier I know my days are numbered But I’m no longer numb What have we here, a new frontier I know that my days are numbered I am no longer numb to the fear I’ll take my, I’ll take my, I’ll take my lumps Guess that's a wrap,  Years back, the camp had impressive stats  We’d pack out Berbati’s pan, or the Hawthorne with fam..  Like Gray Matters, shout out Mr, we may have battled  I may have spit a weak third.. there's a lesson to be learned.. always be prepared, should I ever return.   I’ll show any emcee,that steps up to a free urn   That’s just my era kid, Respect the rep, protect your neck.. don’t be arrogant  I represent the deafest and coldest, y'all done slept on with your soma.. when you snap out of your comas, what year is it? Twenty timeless and I got my own style  No I'll not be doing impressions  That dilutes the message  I pollute the heavens with the decibels  Turn it up, rattle the dust off your collectibles Let it go.. I'm no longer threatened by the new crop, I see Dodger making moves and Amine getting views..   These aren't the homies or the crews that we used to see at Cyphers at the Backspace, Mondays at the Greek Cusina (Portland) I've been apart its history but the reports don't mention me..   To say attention doesn't interest me is a lie.. but I guess I take more than I give I do this shit to fight depression, not exist in the spotlight.. y'all can have it
Sideways 04:05
It's like a jungle sometimes, ewhemowhey People may categorize it as emo rap  More like wrecked ship.. sink  into the ink then let the pen drift, ex binge-drinker, not Kendrick  mad kid from a good part of the city,  The suburbs where pretty entitled girls get shitty at the will of insidious intentions.. football players get all their attention  I was just getting friend-zoned, something in the headphones, helped me transcend though  Slowly a path was presented  Did it make sense, no..   wasn't inspired by any similar stories..  Heroes depend on the glory  And mine were either Afrocentric or hood scholars At the time, kids like me would be on some good charlotte Found a loophole thru urbanites repping that worker life, still it was requisite you earn your stripes, authenticity was always in question.. but we no longer inquire I guess bottom is higher.. as in it's just a point where your less famous, less balling, life's sadist, hands around the neck of us Les Pauling  When I sought a voice all my own, never thought I’d own this A microscope to examine my neurosis  Or my marriage's ups and downs, therapys what is bound, spiral amidst these pages, obviously a metaphor cuz paper is outdated  Sideways, everything ends up Sideways Everything ends up Sideways Wish I could say I’m straight But everything ends up Sideways Let me give you the tour  It's dark, damp.. and cramped like sardine can Pardon me, Taxed by parliament pack  The bars mean, What exact part of the Darwin is that? rhythms just rude  My wisdom teeth grew in, room to spare Like an Airplane hangar, Don’t mind what I do in there  What flies out is lights out  Kamikaze vessel.. to where the Ponzy tests you  pacifist with brass knuckles, who ordered the nazi special It's not on ze menu but I'll make an exception If you Richard Spencer, bitch your gender Our president White supremacist vendor you pitch a tent for, 10-4  This ain't tinfoil hat shit  We voted, the kremlin foiled that shit  Could’ve got Bernie, maybe we not worthy Maybe no one can save us, maybe we all vermin And this is what we deserve, I'm just waiting on a verdict, maybe this all predetermined Algorithms in a simulation we all immersed in Maybe someday Elon will merge us with our smart tech So we can compete in the job market   with R2D2 , need to embellish on this resume  Writes in rescued Princess Leia  I’m not sure why my interests lie near something with a vicious bite The arts organic, but the business side is pesticide, that’s why it ends up sideways
Good Run 02:58
I take something that I love, stick it somewhere in the cut, somewhere in the slug, somewhere up above, never somewhere in the mud. I just feel like I need to take something that I love, stick it somewhere in the cut before it's something that is done, before God take something that I love Before I'm mourning someone that I, uh I can't live without you Not in my mind at least, where else does one reside, I'm confined it seems Try to step outside, psilocybin tea It's only opened the blinds Windows and the doors still Form some sort of force field This a S.O.S. in morse code troubled waters, see the dorsal Before the film fin, will we mend or be torn souls Either way it’s been a good run Still running, blessed This will never be anything less Than one for the book of records Photo albums on the phone Always back them up but I fear someday They'll be gone Devices we depend on prone to crash Like our brains as we age We don't own this stash Of memories, they fade but our energy remains Albeit displaced I'm just trying to leave with grace, leave something in this space Like the sun sends its rays, feel that warmth on your face.. Goldilocks zone.. hate is magma, indifference is glacier.. I'm balanced on a tightrope Between sky scrapers There's only so many missteps one can make Before they’re Tom Petty chorus They got the farm ready for us We either buy it or don't.. I'm getting tired but won't give This sweat soaked towel a throw Y'all should know.. this ain't really as dramatic As I make it seem, seemingly out of habit Just a habitat on the fault line Shake it up like Mortons but the source is the salt mine Dig deep and we got something.. rock solid Dig deep and we got something Dig deep and we got something worth fighting for It’s been a good run yeah, it’s been a good run Still a good run, still a good run
I’ve been here for 27 years.. When it's clear and Saint Helens appears With its flat top, 10 years after that popped My family made the move from Illinois, 15 later I was in the sandlot, sharpening this blade like Katana I met this girl off stage at the Tonic MySpace, we was on it We exchanged more than comments Things were simpler back then but still change was upon us, Fast forward twelve years She's made up her mind, and I've made up mine Not sure what the future holds but right now we're trying To hold this together Still in this together So if she's leaving, I’m leaving with her She's made up her mind, and I've made up mine Not sure what the future holds but right now we're trying To hold this together Still in this together We leaving left, there's no looking back Cuz what's even left, don't look at that This isn't what it was.. when it was new to me, cant speak for us Somewhere between sick and the perfect buzz A layer of dirt that we yearned to touch You never planned to live here for good.. It’s too bad you found me, I kept you long as I could.. I shouldn't boast, but you could've went running like Hood to Coast The years have flown by, now this adult life we been thrust into .. No more drunk nights full of lust with you We cleaned up, like this place we don't recognize, gentrified Safer but less exciting than the grime we felt alive in Boy meets cold world then a East Coast girl Shows up like space heater Brings him home, make his holidays sweeter He meets her family, it's awkward but official As inches of fresh snow makes for picturesque stroll In the small town she grew up in.. It’s different from the city he's accustomed She trusts him Lets him inside and behind the scenes To her bedroom full of childhood dreams and teenage crushes But it's time to leave Return the next year solidified the need To return again in the Fall when the vibrant leaves Bring the tourists through Like that time we said our vows surrounded by orange hills And just a few folks Then it was back to the Northwest, business as usual.. we had our ups and downs I’ve prolonged her stay She's homesick, my homes with her, guess we on our way.. let's go
Blast Radius 04:10
I'm in this motherfucker Like you motherfuckin care This games cold bruh With Fangs of a cobra To get paid is the goal but I'm doing Giveaways like I’m Oprah Look under your seat You get a lot of Wool See It's all over stock, Cuz I under achieved But I endured the dream That’s more than some of y'all can say at least, even if I don't slay the beast, I make it bleed.. My blade unsheathed, I’m shaving hastily.. Gillette to neck, won't slow it down I'm catching wreck.. ’til my mentions wet And they sliding into the deep end that's My DMs I'll ignore them like I don't see them But I do… full disclosure, my ego bulging I keep indulging, this superficial bullshit This ain't where you want to be Within the Blast radius But blowing up comes with a fee Pay up, player, pay up This ain't what you thought it'd be When they flash cameras Blinded by the light to be seen Say what, say what? say nothing These are trap days my cells wide open though, thats strange.. The tidal is moving fast pace What am I supposed to do with that wave? Streams is rapid... we still rafting Look at me, I'm the captain Life jackets should be tightly strapped when we capsize you'll have a fighting chance What am I saying though, I been submerged and inhaled.. Tasted salt in the Pacific, should be bottled up and gifted.. I washed up with the driftwood On a Malibu shore.. started giving Hollywood tours, seen more faults than a volleyball court Watch the stars. they fall… they fall… Collapse from exhaustion, (wink wink) Go to rehab on some posh shit.. Looks like a spa trip.. Trying to make the few bumps you smuggled in the place last Withdrawals with a cucumber face mask… Leave refreshed, back to skeezers, schemes and stress.. within a few weeks your sinking depths, it's back to what relieves it best, repeat deception The homie's homie has a car that’s worth more than my crib.. I watch from afar but I know how they live.. plus I got the address, not proud of my methods but I own that spite, When they out stunting, might pull off that heist Nah, I'm not about that life.. I'm sure they keep some house sitters I might sound bitter but i sugar coat my bullets That's high calorie caliber Sending shots like insulin, put ends to your calendars, the stench that your downwind of.. That's death by the millisecond.. starvation by the keyframe Bombs per minute, set the tempo, attack and decay.. sustain with no release Just pain, some praying for ‘lil peace Is that too much to ask? Perhaps it's not up for grabs By design, it can't be instated by force So we fighting for it but we also fighting what a fight is, whoa.. counter intuitive, who's really down to be doing it.. easier to write some songs than to right some wrongs To get paid is the icing on the sick cake
Everyday I'm living like it's new But I’ve been here before, yeah I've been here before, yeah Groundhog’s day again, I'm not amused I've been here before, yeah It's on repeat it seems but what am I supposed to do? learn the ins and outs, might learn the ins and outs, might Discover something I never knew Got myself all figured out. But still I'm stuck in this limbo, bumping this pinball machine To even the odds.. Trying weave thru the cars and leap from the logs to the Lilly pads, Frogger, a loss leave you really flat I'm at wonderland with a nickel sack, and a ticket stack.. Trying to see what dope prize I can get with that.. Life's not a game boy, no game genie full of cheat codes some of us ain't need it though There's a line that divides the fine from the impoverished, the prince and the pauper, They put a price on the property, our lives a tax write off, a business expense, In this capitalism entrenched Society, decidedly absent from all There is to accept.. Some of us ahead of the curve but that's bad news once the ledge has emerged First they storm the gates in the dead of night Throw in smoke grenades, and then they cut the lights Everything goes dark but I know what the darkness hides Everything goes dark but I know what the darkness hides They all around us, but just out of sight They fight like cowards, but they kill with might Everything goes dark but I know what the darkness hides Everything goes dark but I know what the darkness hides Secrets serrated Lies lacerate, Skin masqueraded These motherfuckers fake I see through them cuz they share the Same dimensions as a hundred dollar bill Made thicker when its rolled up, to snort that Snowden, but who you gonna tell I think it's more than Alexa listening.. Is it serious, what Siri is hearing? Something nefarious peering in My paranoia is merely a ten And that's threat level midnight Sweat from the brow, wipe Fill it to the brim, lie To myself it's alright Yea, no we gonna be good… We got this Intrinsic to the discipline, the wish to bend the laws of nature, pause inertia Universal odds at work against us, all the way All damn day, it's cray Our dominions diminutive, A drop in an ocean that's infinite but still we have it What we do with it matters Influence can gather Momentum until It's more than idle chatter This might not end up within The annals of time but rather An anonymous work Under ruins and dirt If It's ever unearthed At least I used these words To leave humans submerged Y'all just scratching the surface I’ll buff that right out that's my premium service.. you’ll be on your way Everyday I’m living like it’s new.. But I’ve been here before, I’m not amused Broken pieces on the floor, Replace the windows, fix the door They’ll break it all in again but I’m ready for ‘em


Imaginary rap band Wool See have announced their 4th full-length album Leaving / Left, out September 29th on Heaven Noise Recordings (with a limited edition run of 20 hand-numbered cassettes available via art label Hello L.A.). The album’s title and much of its subject was inspired by front-man IAME’s recent cross-country move from Portland, Oregon to a rural area in Northeastern Vermont. The prolific Sandpeople and Oldominion affiliate makes it clear that while love was the motive behind following his wife back to her home state, agreeing to leave his home of 27 years was an emotionally taxing decision.
“Leaving / Left was made during the process of selling our house, packing our belongings and preparing to move,” he explains.
“This album is about leaving what's familiar. It's about the tension in a relationship when big uncertainties loom overhead. It's about the changing face of Portland; a city where 100 transplants arrive each day. It's about accepting that so much of what we know is already gone and that we've been left behind.”
Though it’s full of personal subject matter, the album wasn’t created in a vacuum. The outside world’s strife is as present in these songs as the artist’s inner turmoil. “Pack It Up, Pack It Intro” sets the tone with lines like “pack the U-Haul with all that I am; boxes of nostalgia, anxiety and nausea” and “that’s just the landscape, red and blue / My mind-states been divvied too.”
“Sideways” is an examination of character flaws versus circumstance while “Blast Radius” touches on society's toxic obsession with fame, wealth, and trending that maintains our mostly tragic status quo.
As with previous Wool See releases, Leaving / Left was entirely written and produced by IAME and the ghosts in his head. The beats are thick and crisp, the melodies lush and vibrant. At just under 30 minutes, it’s a polite listen but one that is sure to reveal new layers with each revisit.


released September 29, 2017

All songs written, produced and mixed by Wool See.

Mastered by Zebulon Dak.


all rights reserved



Wool See Vermont

A rap band that makes podcasts.

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