Ewe Gross (Extended Version)

by Wool See

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Wool See isn’t back because they never left. The elusive rap band has just been creepily lurking in the shadows and auditioning new members on the dark web where the only question that gets asked is “you got that fire?” (the answers are almost always terrible).
Their latest venture is an innovative blend of trunk-rattling instrumental hip hop and the type of personal, witty rap musings that have been lead emcee and producer IAME’s signature for over a decade. With Ewe Gross, Wool See communicates primarily through knocking, boisterous beats that only sometimes leave space for words but always manage to get their point across.


released October 12, 2018

All songs written, produced, mixed, and mastered by Wool See.


all rights reserved



Wool See Vermont

A prolific indie-rap band with an unsettlingly low member count.

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Track Name: Gamma Wraith
I pull up, fresh fitted
I’m Breastfeeding,
I milk the game
More than a lil pump, eskettit
They mess with it,
That’s filthy gains
I’m still the same
But I’m feeling brand
Spanking new,
whole outlook
Got on a dominatrix suit
They might pull me out the matrix soon
I’m the one,
Yea ain’t shit two it..
No effort this swag
Issa lotta insecure
ones out there flexing their bags
All that ish that you worried bout
Superficial it’s sad,
You wish you were as influential as half
The brands that you name dropping
That ain’t poppin tags, it’s product placement, mane stop it
We can do
Ready player one
Level up
I’m out here getting to the keys
Khaleds had enough
you see I

Take it with me when I fall asleep
Wake up with it, it was all a dream
In a lucid state where there’s no difference between
asleep & wake, I be directing the scenes (lights camera action)

I roll out like red carpet
I bet it awes them
Premiere the Piece
And blow out they Ben Carsons
Mission accomplished
I prepared a speech
Y’all so sick tho
Could’ve been anywhere
I mean the only invites were smoke signals
And message received
Now let’s Lou Ferrigno,
And get ourselves green
Yo I light up Bruce banner, strong as gamma rays,
wraith floating like drone shots that a camera takes
Smoking like drone strikes, with some casualties
Some of these brain cells I lost, might’ve needed
Like US killing civilians, I’ll say it’s the cost of my freedom
drill sergeants will march it out you
if not, it’s drown out in the cannonade,
drawn out like an anime
for a manic length, phantom pains
ears ringing like Anita Ward,
There’s worst ways to leave a war
Bless the fallen, but this is all I’m bleeding for
(This is all I got)
Track Name: Thorium
Theres a tall price to live this pruned
and prone to all type of different dooms
Active in the Dark Knight as if he Bruce
sleeping in the broad light like its a tomb
Ain’t been alright since the womb
They kicked me out like rents past due
C-Section, May 31st 1984, the last time I arrived too soon
Keep 'em waiting now to overcompensate for
the time inside that incubator
So tiny and fragile like my ego stayed so
I do the heavy lifting like an elevator
all you gotta do is pick the dang floor
you trying to have me crumble to a million pieces on
As far as jobs, you found a real easy one

I'm saying parties over, save your balloons
Parties over, all you go home

It ain't lit no more, it ain't lit, it ain't lit
It ain't lit no more, it ain't lit this ain't it

Day & night I exercise my right to refuse service
And tame anxieties inside like fire breathing serpents
Day & night I exercise my right to refuse service
I can’t take new clients, moneys tight but still my loosest burden
Day & night I exercise my demons, they chase me
Day & night I exercise my demons, they chase me
Day & night I exercise my demons, they chase me
Day & night I exercise
Track Name: Late Breaks
You don’t want honesty
This can get brutal as a blunt force trauma scene
Brutal as the bondage carved like lovers' initials on a tree
In this sham of democracy
Shame on all y’all deceiving
As for me,
I’m not half of the man I’m tryna be
Or musician, barely stepped a few inches in front of me
Long ways to go, guess I’m a wanna be
wayward on my oddisee, lotta havoc no prodigy
Technology draining all my chi
It's a double edge commodity,
screen stealing a lot of sleep
but I’m Able to PUSH through it
And hit pads like where the froggish leap
Should delete every app except iMaschine
But I’m addicted to this IG feed
thirst traps and dank memes,
Dang my eyes are bleeding
Have you studied optometry?
And theology?
Long shot but see
This astigmatism is more stigmata seeming
By the minute, visions of crucifixions are haunting me
my palms springing a leak from nails, no carpentry
Wails throughout my dreams,
not orca but the awful screams of conscious beings
Tortured by more conscious beings,
Tortured by their consciousness
Resorting to some monstrous deeds
Look with your eyes open, forced like Clockwork Orange scene,
You See it? I've seen it

Seen too many signs
For the end not to be nigh
I can’t deny

Seen it too many times
Another poor souls dust to bite
Force quit yeah it’s crossed my mind
SuicI have options

Bleak truth behind the dark arts
A Preview what’s on his parched heart
This game sick like jigsaw thought it
Swift to discard
who plays it like a Skarsguard
En guard, won’t catch me off,
Or see scars caused
By when the claws marred him
Made a martyr
Belly of the beast, my parlor
So welcome card sharks, place your bets
Attempt to intercept what fate has authored
Odds are, star crossed -
Celestial X
Still going straight to where
The spots marked -
Treasure chest
And maybe it’s a set up,
But that’s what the cyanide in the jaws for
Gestapo closing in, I cut the job short
Last resort, first me & the fire power charge forth
If that fail, me & the higher power talk for
A second, I disclose I’m sorry for
pain I’ve inflicted
on the names I’m protecting at all costs
Track Name: Moods
New phone, who dis?
Oh what’s up mood dis-order,
what you been into?
Oh Fucking up my life?
So nothin new
They said I'm not exhibiting bipolar
Because my swings ain’t extreme high to low
I stay down I guess,
but not down enough to get up out this mess and
Abort mission, via mortician
can’t commit to the decision,
Fear of missing out, Fear of messing up,
Fear of more pain than what they are currently dishing out
I get why people do it, the logic is sound,
Eternal rest vs. being woke now
But how do you really know we only get one of each
That's a leap of faith
I can’t jump with these
Feet planted firm on planet earth,
despite the damning curse and many scourges
I’d say I stick around for the ones I love
maybe there the ones who keep me hurting
I see the strain in they eyes when I’m at my worse,
when things are paradise, I know that they end in hearse
This ain’t a cry for attention, or maybe I don’t know my intention,
the tension between us getting thick like Kesha
Praying for our friendship

All these moods, they staying in our way
All these moods, they stay in our way
Yo I got moves to make
But all these moods, they staying in my way

I don’t understand all this
From an evolutionary standpoint,
what’s the advantages?
There’s mismanagement
All the anger and the sadness and the manic twists
Go from laughing like a mad scientist
to yelling like a psychopath
Without a knife to slash
But severing ties none the less
Set the contacts loose like hostages
One by one til demands are met
Which hasn’t yet been the case
Asked for a helicopter
equipped with hash oil and a rig
so I could escape my escape
I just wanna elevate.. Nonstop like Da Hitman
Hit after hit man, Rip Van
Winkle with the nap game
Wake up with the neck pain
Sleeping on my angles
Like y’all do with every track mane
I ain’t even mad
Half the time I’m reaching
for what few would even grab
Up walls climbing, no safety gear
Brain disorganized, the next step ain’t clear
Feel like Alzheimer’s in its infancy
Took my Aunt's mind when she was 56
Mad early,
I think about it when the facts or the past blurry,
Bad place activates so dastardly
Track Name: Xantics
I ain’t off that Xan,
I ain’t off that lean
I ain’t wash my hands,
I am not that clean
I could never judge,
I know how it is
Matter fact, fuck the judge
Motherfuck the pigs
Motherfuck the system,
There ain’t no justice in it (nah)
Money talks,
They shut up and listen (shhh)
Above the law and the private prisons
They watch it all from their private G6
Jesus, Must be nice
They got cris on ice for just these flights
They looking down at the rest of us
With misty eyes
From empathy?
Nah, joy that they’ve reached they heights
While we down here in the trenches
Trying to dodge they crisis
Oceans rising, temperatures rising
Water shortage at the same time,
Thirsts is rising,
Cost of goods, gas prices,
Population is rising (all of it)
Jobs outsourced to automation is rising
Starvation is ri-
K, you get it...
Is salvation on the way?
Got us praying it come andele, andele
While some look to stars like Galileo
Atheists throwing hope out into space
like Leia,
Way up, blessed
Everyday I’m stressed
But that’s different than distress
Perspective is key, ignition is richness
Yo I’m just trying to stack
And push back against the stagnant, I’m a slacker by default, losing traction
(Slipping in this game)
Peak capitalism
Just surviving is as bleak as it is miraculous, I’m saying..
This goes deeper than they vaults
A few keeping from us all
I’m trying to get it, trying to ball
It’s just in my protocol
I can see a better way, beyond the wall
If we don’t see the same,
it’s not our fault
We been Conditioned from the start
To think we’re missing what we aren’t...

We are not.. chyea, Wool See, Iame
And the band.. I mean the bah-ah-ah-and (stupid). Y’all know!

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